Alpine Car Rally 2005  

around the mountains of East Gippsland

Wicen members provided the Communications for this event 

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SV400005.JPG (242150 bytes)John Lowe and Peter VK3NPI @ VK3EK's check point (Start 12 and Finish 16) AP24.JPG (243320 bytes)Rob  VK3EK at his station (Start 12) 
AP03.JPG (245134 bytes)This was the camping arrangements beside the Radio check point. AP19.JPG (238681 bytes)This was the breakfast menu-: Bacon, Tomato's and Eggs-on-Toast
AP21.JPG (243794 bytes)Peter VK3NPI still in the rack  John was already up and about, he had the fire going. SV400020.JPG (188244 bytes)This was the "0 Car" coming through checking the road.
SV400022.JPG (234275 bytes)The winner, Portman and Runnells car. AP05.JPG (244505 bytes)Rob had a supervisor for the weekend, Eckie, his little Jack Russell.
AP08.JPG (239473 bytes)The Driver of this rally car checking that everything was still all there! AP09.JPG (237181 bytes)Check point 16 finish
SV400027.JPG (242791 bytes)This one tried the roof for support. SV400028.JPG (251512 bytes)A BMW 
SV400029.JPG (250607 bytes)A Nissan Skyline ? SV400030.JPG (248247 bytes)A VL Commodore 
SV400031.JPG (250330 bytes)A Datsun 240-Z AP13.JPG (249496 bytes)This was a V8 VK Commodore 
SV400033.JPG (239043 bytes)Check point 16 finish. SV400036.JPG (231708 bytes)Another angle of check point 16 finish.
DSC00936.jpg (322534 bytes)Rally Headquarters at Lakes Entrance DSC00937.jpg (309549 bytes)Rally Headquarters at Lakes Entrance 
DSC00938.jpg (227319 bytes)Rally Headquarters at Lakes Entrance     Find out more