QSL Card Gallery


VK4TZL on 144Mhz.jpg (86715 bytes)VK4TZL.jpg (102013 bytes)

 VK4TZL Harvey Bay Qeensland

VK2FWB on 144Mhz.jpg (62984 bytes) VK2FWB Peaak Hill New South Wales           VK2DXE on 144Mhz.jpg (101670 bytes) VK2DXE Pymont New South Wales VK6WG on 144Mhz.jpg (75176 bytes)VK6WG MAP.jpg (102344 bytes)

 VK6WG  Albany West Australia

VK7JR on 144Mhz.jpg (24755 bytes) VK7JR.jpg (80434 bytes)

VK7JR King Island  central Bas Strait

VK7ZPB on 146Mhz.jpg (85247 bytes)

VK7ZPB now VK7KPB Filinders Island in Bass Strait

ZL1TWR on 144Mhz front.jpg (53958 bytes)Me.jpg (72066 bytes) ZL1TWR on 144Mhz Back.jpg (82974 bytes) ZL1TWR.jpg (102026 bytes)

Steve ZL1TWR my first 144mhz contact into New Zealand

zl2tal70_small.jpg (6284 bytes)ZL2TAL MAP.jpg (102019 bytes)

This contact was my first into New Zealand on 70cm SSB I also worked Ray on 2m SSB same day 

ZL3AIC on 144Mhz.jpg (71062 bytes)

ZL3AIC Christchurch South Island New Zealand

ZL3ADT on 144Mhz.jpg (65815 bytes)ZL3ADT.jpg (102411 bytes)

ZL3ADT South Island  New Zealand This contact is Via Sporatic es as the mountains west of Christchurch dont allow tropo contacts they are too high   

ZL3TY on 144Mhz.jpg (71944 bytes) zl3ty.jpg (20122 bytes)

ZL3TY.jpg (102288 bytes)

ZL3TY South Island   New Zealand  I have worked Bob a number of times on 6m 2m 70cm

VK3FMD on 5.7Ghz.jpg (83224 bytes)

VK3FMD Portable near Geelong

VK1BG on 1296Mhz.jpg (79888 bytes)

VK1BG  This contacton 1296Mhz was made Via Aircraft Enhancment it gets tricky at high Frequency and on a 2m dish

VK3ZQB on 10Ghz from VK7.jpg (107851 bytes)VK3ZQB Port  MAP TO VK7.jpg (101587 bytes)

This contact to Russell was the first that I know of acrosss Bass Strait on 10Ghz Amateur Bands

VK5NC on 1296Mhz.jpg (72683 bytes)VK5NC .jpg (101624 bytes)

This Contact on 23cm took a long time to happen as there was a lot to learn including where to point the Dish. 

VK3WRE ON 10 GHZ FRONT.jpg (57909 bytes) VK3WRE on 10GHZ  BACK.jpg (57618 bytes)

Ralph has many jobs as the Tech and the Test bench,  120 km home to home on 10Ghz