East Gippsland Radio Group and Central Highlands Amateur Radio Club of Tasmania  

Members enjoy a good weekend  

 Trip to RAWSON in Gippsland   

Mountain Rivers Lodge.jpg (153140 bytes)Base Camp Rawson John_vk3mgz_David_vk3jky_Peter_vk3npi_Gerard_vk3ger_David_vk7kdo__Roy_vk3gb.JPG (101043 bytes)VK3MGZ John, VK3JKY David, VK3NPI Peter, VK3GER Gerard, VK7KDO David, VK3GB Roy
Keiran vk3btv & Bob vk7kz.JPG (64634 bytes)VK3BTV Keiran & VK7KZ Bob  Peter vk3npi & his 911 Porche.JPG (62057 bytes) Peter VK3NPI and his 911 Porsche 
06.JPG (108457 bytes)  Walhalla Rail Trip    Thompsom to Walhalla.JPG (122860 bytes)Diesel Engine, "Spirit of Yallourn" 
David VK7KDO & Bob VK7KZ.jpg (196800 bytes)VK7KDO David & Bob VK7KZ   40.JPG (140223 bytes) Enroute Walhalla via the "Spirit of Yallourn"
32.JPG (101754 bytes)Rail track winding around the steep country side  Jhon VK3MGZ & DavidVK7KDO.JPG (127581 bytes)VK3MGZ John & VK7KDO David
Rail  Bridge Across the Thopson River.jpg (155316 bytes)Rail bridge across the Thompson River  Walhalla Pub for Lunch.JPG (102188 bytes)Lunch at Walhalla Hotel. Walhalla was a very rich mining town in the early days which attracted a large number of people. It now has a permnet population of only 18 but attracts a lot of visitors on day and weekend trips   
Out side Walhalla Hotel .JPG (136963 bytes) Making plans for the afternoon  Thompson River Bridge.JPG (122832 bytes)Bridge across the Thompson River 
Thompson River Dam Site.JPG (78321 bytes)Thompson Dam site which is part of the Melbourne water supply  Thompson River Dam.JPG (59224 bytes)Another view of the Thompson Dam
64.JPG (121033 bytes)Wall of Thompson Dam John VK3MGZ Bob VK7KZ Rob VK3EK David VK7KDO @ Thompson Dam.JPG (84882 bytes)VK3MGZ VK7KZ VK3EK VK7KDO at Thompson Dam
VK7KDO at Harvest of Gippsland.JPG (82589 bytes)VK7KDO on the prowl at the Harvest of Gippsland, Lardner Park.  lunch and afternoon tea  .JPG (65668 bytes)This was the lunch selection for some of us 
one of this brand was selected for lunch.JPG (70062 bytes)This was the sippies selection for all of us with our lunch at the Harvest of Gippsland.  Lunch.JPG (78539 bytes)Lunch venue for Polly Rob john and David, At the Harvest of Gippsland with a nice wine and fine food was much enjoyed 
CHLOE VK3KMB.JPG (77483 bytes)VK3KMB Chloe did have here Radio on and contacts to other CHART and EGRG members that couldn't be with us where made    Polly taking 40 winks.jpg (159944 bytes)Polly checking the back of the eye lids after the trip to the Harvest of Gippsland