HF 1.8 - 30Mhz

             HF BASE STATION                        HF MOBILE        
RADIO  Yaesu FT 920 and FL7000 Amplifier   Vehicle is a Nissan Patrol 4x4  1989 Model 4.2 Turbo

Radio Icom 706Mk2G.                                                                     

Antenna is a Screwdriver  made by Maurie Jones VK2CD with 2 whips on it to cover from 3.550 to 52Mhz SV400038.JPG (242132 bytes)



Inverted Vee on 1.8 Mhz 

Quad loop on 3.5 Mhz and I use a ATU for 7mhz on the Loop

Half wave Sloper for 10mhz  of the Nalley Tower

Three  Element Yagi for 14Mhz 21Mhz &28Mhz

With the ATU I can tune the warc bands but not real successful   




This is the screwdriver mounted on my Nissan four wheel Drive 

oh2bh_2.jpg (29130 bytes)

This was a contact that I had made with Martti from his home station and my home station. Good contact but not a special as the Mobile one  








This is one Mobile contact that I don't think I will forget for a long time it was on 24-02-2000. on 20 meters it was 0348 Utc when I was travelling back home from Mallacoota in far East Gippsland in my Work Van and I was tuning around the band and, I found this very loud station so I called in and it was Martti he was 5x9 he made comment strait away that it was the strongest signal he had heard  Mobile from Australia. Martti wanted a QSL to confirm the contact. We completed the details and I received a card from him about 6 weeks later.  I  have a screwdriver antenna on the front and a Icom 706 Mk 2 G fitted up in the Van      


Portable Operation  

Since being licence in 1991 almost every year I have been involved with helping run Jota . At different Locations around Bairnsdale . I have also helped with communications for cross country events in the local area as well. 

        Rob Ashlin & Glenn Trevaskis Red Cross Victoria.JPG (221520 bytes)             

Rob Ashlin and Glenn Trevaskis Red Cross area Supervisor 


I also provide communications for Australian Red Cross in the event of emergencies and disasters   


Wireless Institute Civil Emergency  Network 

Supplying  Communications for emergencies services and sporting Clubs 



VK TRANS TASMAN 160M.jpg (179807 bytes) VK/ TRANS TASMAN 160M CONTEST 17/07/2004 498 PTS 

  CHT Presentationof Wadder Cup.jpg (178890 bytes)

Central Highlands of Tasmania Amateur Radio Club. President Bob Geeves VK7KZ, Presenting the 2004 Wadda Cup to Rob Ashlin VK3EK