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Lighthouses of Australia                                             
Propagation Tracking Information
Synoptic charts from the Melbourne Weather Bureau



VK-ZL 50Mhz and above  Propagation Logger


Planetary K Iindex 3 hour Data 


Sun spot info

WORLD TIME                        

Australian Radar sites                                                                                                          


William Hepburn propagation forcast 

Repeater and becon listings in Australia                                                                                                 


Australian Amateur Radio Home Pages
Home Page of an old mate of mine, Kevin. (G'day Kev!)
WIA Eastern Zone (Victoria) Amateur Radio Club
VK5KK's Microwave Website

East Gippsland Radio Group VK3EG                                                                                                     



Amateur  Radio Suppliers 
Tourist Information  about East Gippsland

RSGB Home Page  


Convert Lat & Longitude to Grid Square                                                                               

Modifcations for most Amateur Radios

Wicen Victoria



Callsign look up Web Sites

BUCK MASTER Callsign Server


QRZ.COM Home Page


ACA Home    VK CALLSIGN only
VK Classifieds        Buy and Sell 



Amateur Radio Victoria (WIA Victoria)

Wireless Institute of Australia

W I A Amateur Radio Callsign Database
A large inter stellar transport company based in the U.S. (No discount fares yet!)