The People you Meet!       


VK2TWR VK3AUU & VK3EK.jpg (51751 bytes)Rod VKRod VK2TWR David 

vk7mo_large.jpg (35530 bytes)
VK7MO at Gipps Tech 2000

Rob &Rex have made contacst on 6m 2m 70cm &23cm from Bainsdale to MtWellinton near Hobart


Glenn VK4TZL and Alan VK4CH.jpg (157352 bytes)Glenn VK4TZL and VK4CH Tony ay Wyong 2005   out side our Motel room on the Friday night 


Rob VK3EK  Adrian VK2FZ and Gordon VK2ZAB as you can see by the Table in front of us we made a few VHF contacts


Rob VK3EK and Gary VK4AR at Wyong 2004


  VK5NC & VK3EK.jpg (75379 bytes)

ROB VK3EK and Trevor VK5NC                        (Nasty Cough)  at  Mt Gambier.  Rob & Trevor have made contacts on 2m 70cm and 23cm over a Distance of better than 600 km 


VK3EK & VK3CY.jpg (48601 bytes)

VK3CY at Wedderburn a regular contact                                                  on VHF & UHF at around 350 km 


Andrew VK7XR from Devonport.        Rob and Andrew maid many a contact across Bass Strait on 2m 70cm and 23cm SSB a distance of over 400 km 


VK2BWT  now VK2YE Warren     John VK3ATQ        David VK3ANP       JOE VK7JG  and   Rob VK3EK   This group reguli catch up on 6M and 80m

GUY VK2KU & Wife Catherine Visit Rob & Maxine in Bairnsdale  Rob & Guy made reguler contacts Via Aircraft Inhancement on 2m & 70cm SSB over a distance 450km and over a lot of Big Mountains


Erick VK4NEF & Rob VK3EK at the Centrel Motel in Wyong in 2004  Rob had spoken to Erick a number of times on HF. As both are Members of ODXG. It sure was good to catch up    


Peter VK3KAI calls in any wonder Pet gets a few look's going down the Highway


A happy lunch and some take always David VK3JKY & Wife Chloe VK3KMB



Des VK3DMP in his shack                



Mick VK3XL Gerard VK3GER David VK3PDX Kieran VK3BTV Polly and Peter VK3NPI at The Thompson River Dam   I was there but you don't need to look at me this time 


Peter VK7PC  a regular contact on 80m from Scamander on the East Coast of Tasmania

Wally VK6KZ & Roger VK3XRS meet in Bairnsdale in 1998 


Rob VK3EK and Ian VK3ST
Click here for details

Wally VK6KZ and           Rob VK3EK


VK7 TIM Tim VK7KBE Brian Sany Geeves VK7KCC Kloppy_resize.jpg (79438 bytes) Tim VK7TIM  Bryan VK7KBE  Sandy Geeves and VK7KCC Kloppy at CHT camp at Dago
CHT around camp fire at Dargo.jpg (85823 bytes) VK7KZ Bob VK7KCC Kloppy VK3JKY Dave VK7KAN Alan  & VK7KVB Dick at CHT Dargo  Camp.jpg (107630 bytes) VK7KAN Alan and VK7KVB Dick at Dago CHT Camp
  dargo.jpg (69456 bytes)Sippies at CHT Dargo Camp VK3EK Rob VK3JKY Dave VK3YR Dale VK7KAN Alan VK3KMB Chloe VK7TIM Tim  ROSS bARLING VK2DVZ.JPG (92321 bytes)Ross VK2DVZ at Wyong 2005
SV400035 Resized.JPG (61643 bytes)Neil VK2EI and John VK1CJ at Wyong 2005 SV400037.JPG (245322 bytes)Kerry VK2BXT   Neil VK2EI  and Andrew VK2EAH
SV400038 Resized.JPG (69692 bytes)Warren VK2EY and  Mike VK2BZE SV400028 Resized.JPG (64524 bytes)VK2BHO John  and VK2APG Gerry at Wyong 2005