Gone Bush                  

Click here for the full size photoVK3EK /P Bridport North East Tasmania. This to the best of my knowledge is the first crossing of Bass Strait on 3.4 Ghz and 10Ghz ...even if it wasn't we chucked a couple over the tonsils just incase  Mt Bemm QF42 looking west towards Melbourne 380+ klm away
VK3EK/P Mt Nowa Nowa QF42 VK3EK/P  Mt Bemm QF42
VK3EK_Portable_Mt_Bemm.jpg (238032 bytes)VK3EK/p Mt Bemm 2.4 and 3.4Ghz  VK3DEM/P Mt Hoogly QF31 Summer Field day 2001
VK3EK_P_VK7_QE27_Strath_Gordon.jpg (13394 bytes)VK3EK/P QE27 Strath Gordon Dam South West Tasmania working back on to Mt Wellington to VK7MO/P VK3EK_PVK7at_St_Helns__QE48.jpg (15425 bytes)VK3EK/P VK7 at St Helens on the East Coast QE48 working back to VK7MO /P Mt Wellington
VK3EK/P Mt Nowa Nowa VK3EK_10ghz_vk5nc_24ghz_from_Moonlight_Head.jpg (215797 bytes)VK3EKand VK5NC/P Moon light Head Western Victoria
VK3EK_PORTABLE_MT_Bemm__on_10_ghz.jpg (251775 bytes)VK3EK/P Mt Bemm QF42 on 10Ghz VK3EK/P Green Cape New South Wales  QF52
VK3EK Recom Antenna at Mallacoota.jpg (234727 bytes)This is my portable HF Antenna system that I use for Emergency Service Communications I'm involved in, and find it good on the lower bands Next page Gone Bush  page # 2