Wicen Operators enjoying a meal at Omeo.jpg (260565 bytes)Camping at Omeo Camp Park Neil VK3XNH  Mike VK3NMK and Peter VK3NPI    July 2002 Wicen weekend Angelers Rest 2004 Camp.jpg (237603 bytes)Anglers Rest Camp Site July 2004 Angelrs Rest Camp.jpg (66467 bytes)Anglers Rest Camp with HF base Antenna 
blue duck vk3ek Resized.jpg (53360 bytes)VK3EK at Radio Station. It was like shift work you would go in to the shack for a while and then back to the Fire to warm up, Of an evening it was between 2 and -5 degrees ( not the place for  Bikinis )  TE23 HF Yagi at Angelers Rest.JPG (98149 bytes)HF Yagi,  A two Element in a Very Quiet Location in the mountains is Good. It is supprissing what you can hear with very little noise to compeat with VK3NPI at Radio Anglers Rest.JPG (244232 bytes)VK3NPI at the Radio Station Contacts to a number of Different Countries and Local friends around Australia where made.
VK3NMK Angelers Rest 2004.jpg (45212 bytes)VK3NMK at the Radio. Mike likes to give the KEY a rattle but we didn't have the right adapter for my Radio but that will be  changed next year. just to keep the Pom Happy    vk3npi Peter vk3ek Rob vk3xl Mick.jpg (196609 bytes)Vk3NPI VK3EK and Mike VK3XL enjoy breakfast in paradise  Neil VK3XNH & Michael  VK3NMK .jpg (121545 bytes)Neil VK3XNH and Mike VK3NMK enjoy a warm by the camp fire it got to -5 degrees and it sure was a big frost 
112-1202_IMG Resized.jpg (69666 bytes)Mike VK3NMK warming up the inside with some tasty stuff IMG_8986.jpg (111034 bytes)Ron enjoying a cup of nice warm Coffee  VK3NPI Peter & VK3NMK Michael.JPG (81789 bytes)A quick lunch Peter VK3NPI  As Chief  Cook he always prepares a hard to refuse meal 
This is an aspect of Amateur Radio that I also enjoy getting away up in the mountains or where ever and put some antenna's up and start tuning in the your local Australians or any where in the world.