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Ross Hull  Trophy


VK3EK CONTESTING at Home QTH and Portable 



One of Rob's Proudest moments was to hold the Original Ross Hull Trophy. "To have my name put on it once was great and even better 2 more times."   This trophy is normally housed at the WIA Federal Office behind glass under lock and key. 

You do not get to keep the Big Ross Hull Trophy, you get this Plaque in it's place, but, you still know what you have achieved and for me to have won it on the 50th Anniversary and join so many very competent people before me was a real Buzz!   

This station set up is my Microwave site. It just so happens that it is in the back yard of the family home QTH just out of Bairnsdale. 

This is one of my early adventures on 10Ghz  wide band FM on Mt Nowa Nowa.   I worked Ian VK3ST /P at Eagle Point a distance of 43km  

This is another year in the VHF Field-day on Mt Nowa Nowa with 2m 70cm 23 cm 13cm 9cm  and 10Ghz SSB. You might have guessed that I'm a keen Microwave operator.

Please don't get confused with VK3DEM as it was my old callsign.    .                                                                       This was in the 1998 VHF-FIELD-DAY.  I thought for something a bit different I would go to Mt Hoogly in the Strezlecky Ranges, south of Morwell in QF31.   It was very interesting as you get yourself on a new mountain top and the first thing is, "What is the direction to point?"  You have no land marks that you know of. The GPS is the next piece of equipment out of it's box and you get a few surprises.   This was a good experience, as for two things a different mountain and different directions to focus towards to stations that I normally work, and, that is before you take into account the propagation conditions on the Mountain.

Mt Bemm or Mt Cann on some Maps (depending on which edition you are looking at), Grid Locator QF42 East Gippsland.   A very good Mountain top this one as it has a good outlook in all directions and a good height above sea level for surrounding mountains.   I have had contacts from here on 146.5 fm  from  Snug in Southern Tasmania to Coffes Harbour, NSW  on a J-pole