From Bairnsdale Australia

The life of Eckie My  Pure-bred JACK RUSSELL

D.o.b 03 April 2002







SV400089.jpg (227757 bytes)Henry Joins us from south gippsland  Henry's Marster is Peter VK3NPI             

 "I love bullying anything that moves, especially Dad's foot."


"I also like life in my sun room, on doggie watch."

"Well, who doesn't like food and sunshine!"

"Oops, I got caught pinching a slipper!"


"I just love getting my photo taken!"


 Eckie driving.jpg (62563 bytes)

"I even get to drive Dad's Nissan 4WD."

Eckie at Tarra Valley


  Eckie and Toby dancing.jpg (48184 bytes)

I have a boyfriend, his name is Toby, and he lives in Tyabb. 


My friend Penny Calls in to see me. Penny lives Just out of Orbost  

    Rd Toby and Ecky .JPG (189810 bytes)

This is me (Eckie) and Toby at his house in Tyabb.

 SADIE ELLMAN.jpg (60445 bytes)

Sadie comes and stays at my place for Holidays.                 Sadie is Maxines Mm and Dad's dog she is a Tenterfield Terrier. and at the age of 14 is still doing ok. As you can see.  Sadie Become a SK 2008

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Hi my Name is RD. I was given that for a diffrent reason. But    as this web site is all about Amateur Radio,  I can also be rememberd after the RD contest. I don't mind as I get looked after pretty good . I live at TYABB in Victoria and I'm Toby's  Mum and Eckie's friend.

   Ecky Ashli and Rd Wilson.JPG (143795 bytes) Ekie and Rd  Toby's mom

Eckie at work on her matt   in Dad's workshop

Eckie at Tarra Valley Caravan Park

SV400090.jpg (312977 bytes)This is  two of my freands that travel from Geelong  Maggie and Rex's Master is Neil VK3XNH  TOP