Here are some projects I realized recently. Feel free to contact me for more info !

      • A contest 'Voice Keyer'   Generates messages for contests. Based on VELLEMAN kit, will transmit recorded messages up to 20 sec in length.
      • 13cm 150w Power Amp   2w in / 150w out PA for the 13cm band - based on 2 Spectrian boards
      • The 'MELITTA' version 1   A basic 5 bands HF filter for contests with multiple stations
      • The 'MELITTA' version 2   An advanced high performance remote switchable HF Band filter for contests with multiple stations
      • The 'MELITTA' version 3   Howebrew HF Band pass filters and comparison to W3NQN type
      • Coax stubs harmonics filter   Effective COAX stub filters to attenuate harmonics, for contesting with multiple stations
      • Build a quality RF sampler   Build a high quality RF sampler 2 ... 145 MHz / 1.5 kW for your spectrum analyzer or power meter
A R D U I N O / ESP    
      • Simple AZ Rotor Controller   A simple antenna rotor controller (azimuth only) with YAESU RS-232 serial interface
      • AZ + EL  Rotor Controller   A simple antenna rotor controller (azimuth & elevation) with YAESU RS-232 serial interface
      • DAVIS WM2 Wireless   Connecting over WiFi "Davis Weather Monitor II" display station to emulated sensors
      • QO-100 Sat SYNC   A solution for 2 YAESU transceivers to operate sync'ed in full duplex on QO-100 Es'hail sat.
      • AUTO keyer for ICOM TRX   An automatic keyer for ICOM transceivers (voice / CW / Digi Modes)
      • Icom CI-V XVRTR interface   An CI_V CAT interface (proxy) for ICOM transceivers to work with transverters
      • CTCSS decoder   A very performant and reliable multi - CTCSS subtone decoder
      • Auto Antenna Tuner   An automatic ATU for ICOM transceivers and 20/40m dual band end fed half wave antenna
      • DAVIS Wind Sensor   A readout for DAVIS wind direction / speed sensor + thermometer
      • Simplex Repeater   A simplex (parrot) repeater controller, for use with GM-350/950 radio's
      • Antenna Matrix Switch   Automatic  Antenna (or Band Pass Filter) switch matrix, controlled by ICOM CAT
      • Solid State PA Control   Readout, supervision, control and protection of  1.2 kW SSPA
      • Power & SWR Meter   Power & SWR meter, multiband , can be used with any bridge.  Reads in dBm, PEP, or audio indication.
      • GPS Maidenhead Locator   GPS receiver display with MAIDENHEAD locator converter.
Repeater & Echolink    
      • A PC watchdog   A watchdog based on PIC circuit for your echolink PC
      • PRM80 Repeater   Repeater with 2x PRM8020 Philips/SIMOCO
      • X6000 Antenna   Experience with Diamond X6000 antenna
      • DTMF WatchGuard script   A small script to kill certain DTMF codes received and temporarily suspend DTMF decoding
      • EFHW for 10 to 160m   A short (20m) EFHW antenna re-engineered for operation from 10 to 160m bands operation
      • Coax Traps Construction   Some hints and tips to construct easily reproducible HF traps with ordinary coax cable
      • Wire Traps Construction   Some hints and tips to construct HF traps with aluminium wire & doorknob capacitor
      • Simple multiband dipoles   Simple multiband dipoles, I use them to stay in touch with homebase during holidays!
      • Shorty Forty   A very short (less than 10m long) dipole for 40m band
      • Baluns   Building yourself a 1:1 current balun from QRP to QRO
      • Mobile Antenna 20/40m   A high efficiency mobile antenna for 20 an 40m operation
      • Full Size 80m GPA   A high efficiency 80m antenna with Spiderbeam pole
      • Inverted-L 80m & 160m   Inverted-L antenna for portable / field day / DX-pedition
      • K9AY Antenna   The K9AY antenna is a directional antenna for 160 and 80m bands
      • 160 & 80m band preamp   A high performance antenna preamplifier for 160 and 80m bands
      • 2m & 70cm SAT preamps   High performance SAT preamps design by ON6UG
      • 3 way ant coupler 145MHz   A 3 way antenna coupler / combiner for 2m band
Modifications & various  
      • IC-7610 DPD feature   Checking the effect of Digital Pre Distortion on IC-7610 satnd-alone and with SPE power amplifier  
      • IC-746PRO GPSDO Sync   Improving IC-746PRO / IC-7400 frequency stability by sync'ing MO to a GPSDO  
      • Repairing SPE 1k3 PA   Replacing the LDMOS 1k25 by 1k8 in SPE Expert 1k3 Power Amplifier
      • Repairing ACOM 1200S PA   Replacing the LDMOS BLF188XR by MRFX1k80 in ACOM 1200S Power Amplifier
      • SIGNALINK USB   Improving the performance of TIGERTRONICS SIGNALINK USB modem
      • TM-D710 Ceramic Filters   Curing the IF Ceramic Filters breakdown due to design flaw
      • Motorola GP-300 HAM   Reprogramming GP-300 handheld to HAM frequencies with your own interface
      • EMI / EMC by LED lights   Eliminating radio interference caused by LED (flood) lights
      • IC-706 MkII frontend filter   An add-on bandpass filter to eliminate intermods on 20m band
      • Mobile TRX display   Replace the baclklight LEDs by high intensity white LEDs (IC-E2820 & TM-D710)
      • Eco START-STOP disable   A circuit to disable the START-STOP feature of your car