150w - 2.3GHz band Power Amplifier

I was looking for a PA to run ATV on 13cm band, possibly EME at some later stage ;o)  ?

Built the PA around 2 SPECTRIAN boards and a casing I had from an old defective 430 MHz PA  and some bits and pieces from my scrapbox...

This configuration offers following specifications:


The LED bargraph displays Ic of one final transistor beyond it's idle current,
 therefore a relative indication about the output power.


Cooling is very important, as the SPECTRIAN boards are not very efficient.
4 small fans (salvaged from PC power supplies) are triggered by temperature sensor of the VACTRIAN boards
at 35�C running slow speed, at 45� full speed. A thermal breaker shuts off power for t>80�

Click on picture to zoom and see details
The in- and output combiners have been purchased from Jim Klitzing  W6PQL  www.w6pql.com
On the FAN control board (one dual LIN-AMP) a  -12v supply is included (NE555 based) for
supply of the LIN-AMPs of the LED bargraph and temperature sensing circuits.
The low-drop 12v regulator is a LM2940 - this allows the PA to run from 13.8 to 26v.
The 12v is required for LED bargraph, FAN control PCB and SPECTRIAN power enable trigger.