A simple TRAP-dipole for 20 and 40m bands



The 'EU39' : a high performance inverted V  for 15, 20, 40 and 80m bands

The idea was to make a high performance inverted-V for field day or holidays. 'High performance' means full sized elements on 20 and 40m, the best bands for DX and continental QSO's, and for 80m the antenna is shortened.  This antenna has been used several times for IOTA activations.

Remark regarding the wire diameter: I observed that, using a wire of dia 1.5mm˛ section, the length is longer than 4mm˛. For inveted-V 40/80m with apex 8m AGL, the 40m section will be 10m72, the 80m section 5m00.

Some EZNEC antenna simulations

A dipole for 20m band
2m50 above ground
= poor performance


An inverted-V for 20m band
apex 8m00 above ground
= better performance


An inverted-V for 20m band
apex 11m80 above ground
= the best performance?