A 'start/stop - ECO' disable circuit for your car

in order to reduce emissions and adhere to ECO label, almost all modern cars are equipped with a 'START-STOP' ECO circuit, which shuts off the engine when the car is stopped at a traffic light, or queuing in a bumper to bumper traffic jam ...

In these cars, there is a push button which allows to disable the START-STOP feature., if for example you are driving a lot in the city and the engine is constantly shutting down and restarting, what is not in favor of  ecology and putting a lot of stress on engine mechanical parts.

Hereby a little circuit I developed which automatically 'depresses'  the START-STOP disable feature a couple of seconds each time after the engine is started.

Two versions are provided :



The delay of the pulse (from engine starting /  circuit being powered up) can be adjusted by C1  value, the length of the pulse can be adjusted by the value of C2.  It might be required to adjust / increase C2 if the START-STOP circuit is not detecting the simulated push of the button ...