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BV - QSL Label Printing & QSL Management
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New IOTA Database & QSL Managers
Pathfinder  QSL Search Program by Dave, AA6YQ
ProLog  QSL Route Management System by Brian, KD0QL
QSL Manager Database  by Martin, OK1RR

Canadian Postal Rates (To International Destinations)  new prices effective 14 January 2019
Canadian Postal Rates (To The U.S.A.)  new prices effective 14 January 2019
Canadian Postal Rates (Within Canada)  new prices effective 14 January 2019
DX Postage and Supplies  K3FN
Foreign Postage Rates  by Hal, K4HB  
Henry Gitner Discount Postage  U.S.A.
IRC / GreenStamps Table  by Bill, W9OL  
List of Countries That Accept IRC's
Postal Rates from U.S.A. to International Destinations  new prices effective 27 January 2019
Postal Rates Within U.S.A. (Domestic)  new prices effective 27 January 2019
Postal Rates Worldwide
On Sending Mail / QSLs to Russia  Make sure you secure that letter, by Dennis, RZ1AK
The "Full" Universal Currency Converter
The QSL Manager's Society

POSTAL RATES (ITALY) ---> Italian postal rates for standard letter items (up to 20g) mailed abroad will change on 3 July 2018:
EUR 1.15 - Europe and countries in the Mediterranean basin (3V, 4X, 5A, 5B, 7X, CN, JY, OD, SU)
EUR 2.40 - rest of Africa and Asia, Americas
EUR 3.10 - Oceania

POSTAL RATES (UK) ---> Postal rates in the United Kingdom changed on 27 March 2017. The new rates for standard airmail letters are as follows:
Europe    Rest of the world
up to 10 grams GBP 1.17   GBP 1.17
up to 20 grams GBP 1.17   GBP 1.40
"International Economy" (only for destinations outside Europe) is GBP 1.02 up to 20 grams. A Price Finder on-line tool is provided by Royal Mail (

About QSL Managers  by Hal, K4HB
CT1END - Carlos
DJ2MX - Mario
DJ6OI (ex DL4OCM) - Tom
DL1ZU - Martin
DL6ZFG - Rolf
DL7UBA - Roy  stations prevously managed by the late Fritz Bergner, DL7VRO
EA5KB - Jose
EA7FTR - Francisco
G4IUF - Mike
G4ZVJ - Andy
G0RCI - Alan
HA0HW - Laci
IK2DUW - Antonello
IZ8CCW - Ant
K1ER/KH6 - John  manager for the late Rick Sonones, KH7RS (ex-KH6JEB)
K2PF - Ralph
K3IRV - Irv  FK8HA and many others
KB5ILY - Travis
KM5M - Laurent
KC6AWX - Bob
KF9WV - George
KU9C - Steve
LX1NO - Norby
N2OO - Bob
N6AWD - Fred
N6FF - Dick
N7RO - Dick
OKDX Foundation
PA1AW - Alex
PA3CAL - Peter
PA2R (ex PA5ET) - Rob
PS7ZZ - Francisco
RW6HS QSL Service - Vasil
SP2PI - Jerzy
TA3YJ QSL Service - Nilay
UA9AB - Gene
UY5XE - George
VE3EXY - Nenad
VE3HO - Garth
W3HNK - Joe
W4FRU - John
W4JS - John
W5UE - Randy  HC8N, W4D and W5UE/C6A
W7YS - Bill
W8CNL - Ray
WF5E DX QSL Service - Les  Forwarding service to obtain your QSL's
XE1BEF - Héctor

WF5E DX QSL SERVICE - Les Bannon, WF5E is forced to raise his rates because the US Postal Service is raising theirs on January 8, 2006. The new rates for his service are 3 QSLs for $1.00, or 15 QSLs for $5.00 or € 5,00. Full information on the QSL Service provided by Les can be found on his web site listed above.

GUANTANAMO - Please note that there is no QSL Bureau in Guantanamo (KG4). All cards should be sent according to the operator's instructions and never to a KG4 call through the bureau. Bill Gallier, W4WX/KG4DX, is the QSL manager for Clayton, KG4PK, (president of the KG4AN radio club and currently the only active KG4 living at Guantanamo).

QSL VIA OK1RR (Martin) - Martin, OK1RR, is managing only the following calls: DL/OK1RR - IH9/OK1RR - IT9/OK1RR - OK5SCR - OK6CW - OK8BJT - OL0OJ - OM/OK1RR. All other references are incorrect!