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Contesting is to Amateur Radio what the Olympic Games are to worldwide amateur athletic competition: a showcase to display talent and learned skills, as well as a stimulus for further achievement through competition. Increased operating skills and greater station efficiency are the predominanat end results of Amateur Radio Contesting, whether the operator is a serious contender or a casual participant.

The contest operator knows from experience that conciseness aids in efficient and courteous operating. The contest operator is also likely to have one of the better signals on the band - not necessarily the most elaborate station equipment, but a signal enhanced by the most efficient use of station components available. Contest operation encourages optimization of station and operator efficiency.

Contesting is so diverse that it holds appeal for almost every operator - the beginning contester and the old hand, the newest Novice and oldest Extra-Classer, Top Band buff and microwave enthusiast. Contests also provide a way of adding new countries, prefixes, states, and counties to your list of operating achievements and awards. Try operating a contest and enjoy all the excitement, and enthusiasm, these special activities hold.

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