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NASA Phase 3D Ham Satellite AMSAT

International Space Station   Space Shuttle "Columbia"

  Mission Launch Vehicle Launch Site Launch Pad Launch Date Description:
  Resupply Mission to ISS Antares rocket Wallops Flight Facility, VA   15-Nov.-18 Cargo, supplies and experiments to the ISS
  Progress 71 Launch Soyuz MS-02 Baikonur Cosmodrome   16-Nov.-18 Food, fuel and supplies to the ISS
  InSight Landing on Mars       26-Nov.-18 Entry/Descent/Landing of Mars InSight Lander
  Expedition 58 Launch Soyuz MS-02 Baikonur Cosmodrome   03-Dec.-18 3 crew members to the ISS
  SpaceX CRS-16 Cargo Falcon 9 rocket Cape Canaveral, FL   04-Dec.-18 Supplies and equipment to the ISS
  Expedition 57 Landing Soyuz spacecraft     20-Dec.-18 3 crew members land in Kazakhstan
  SpaceX Demonstration Falcon 9 rocket Kennedy Space Center Complex 39A Jan. 2019 Uncrewed flight test
  Boeing Orbital Flight Test Atlas V rocket Cape Canaveral, FL Complex 41 Mar. 2019 Uncrewed flight test
  SpaceX Crew Dragon Demo-2       Jun. 2019 SpaceX Crew Dragon flight training
  Boeing Crew Flight Test       Aug. 2019 Crew flight test (Crewed)