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Island Chasing

Island hunting, like DXing and county hunting is very infectious. Once bitten by the bug, every contact with an amateur operating from an island is packed with enthusiasm. The excitement of the hunt increases with the small pileups, minimal intentional interference, and the need for only one QSO per island. Even more enjoyable is the opportunity to meet the friendly group of Island Hunters ho are eager to help you work a new island.

To get started, monitor the IOTA main frequency of 14.260 MHz and, if open 21.260 MHz. Sooner or later, most island hunters and activators will show up on 14.260 whether it is for IOTA, or one of the many other island award programs. Also monitor plus or minus the main IOTA frequency as other amateurs operating from islands will QSY +/- when the main frequency is busy. For information on upcoming island activities check the US Islands Calendar, IOTA web site, and other DX bulletins. The 425 DX News has excellent information and coverage of island operations (IOTA). Be sure to go through all of your old QSLs and if you are really serious, your log books since most new island hunters find they have worked and confirmed a number of islands.

Have Fun and Good Hunting! Ya Hoo !! recycled bits