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QRP Operating
North American QRP CW Club member 0004
   NAQCC # 0004
New Jersey QRP Club member 408
NJ-QRP # 408
Adventure Radio Society member 1401
ARS # 1401

What is QRP?  The international Q signal "QRP" means Reduce transmitter Power. Amateur radio operators who run low power enjoy a variety of activities. These include building radios and accessories, and communicating using low power radio transmissions to contact other operators. Power levels considered low are often in the realm of just a couple watts, or even milliwatts or microwatts! Two-way communication can occur around the world on microwatts, with good radio wave propagation conditions.

I have included a listing of QRP kits, and other items, under this section. For more kits, parts sources, and home-brew projects, please check my home-brew section.

Happy QRPing, and best of DX!!!!