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On Sending Mail / QSLs to Russia  Make sure you secure that letter, by Dennis, RZ1AK.

The latest update posted on the IARU website ( reports that the
QSL bureaus for Sierra Leone (9L) and Haiti (HH) have been closed.

NEW!  HA QSL Bureau -
The new address for the Hungarian QSL Bureau is: MRASZ QSL Bureau, P.O. Box 144,
H-1476 Budapest, Hungary. For further information please contact the officer in
charge, Alex Gyorfi, HA7UW ([email protected]).

NEW!  JA QSL Bureau -
As of October 1, 2011, the Japan Amateur Radio League's (JARL) QSL Bureau will have
a new address. If you use the JARL QSL Bureau, please send your QSL cards to JARL
QSL Bureau, 1324-3 Kanba, Hikawa-cho, Izumo-shi, Shimane 699-0588 JAPAN.

NEW!  JT QSL Bureau -
The new address for the Mongolian Radio Sport Federation (MRSF) is: P.O. Box 573,
Ulaanbaatar 16092, Mongolia.

NEW!  RSGB QSL Bureau -
As many of you know the RSGB have contracted out their QSL Bureau.
Richard G3UGF, the new QSL Bureau Manager for the RSGB, has announced the
address and telephone number of the new central QSL operation...

P.O. Box 5

Tel: 01422 359362
E-mail: [email protected]

All outgoing cards should now be sent to this address.

NEW!  Slovak QSL Bureau -
Effective 1 August, the Slovak Amateur Radio Association's QSL Bureau has a
new postal address:
Slovensky Zvaz Radioamaterov (SZR),
P.O. Box 14,
900 31 Stupava,

Those who use courier services must not use the POB, but send the cards direct
to the QSL Bureau Manager (OM3JW):
Stefan Horecky,
Mlynska 2,
900 31 Stupava,

NEW!  UA2 QSL Bureau -
The new address is: UA2 QSL Bureau, ROSTO Technical School, U. Ozyornaya 31,
Kaliningrad RUS-236029, RUSSIA.
ADDED NOTE: UA2 is the second call area of Russia.
They have the following active prefixes: all UA2, RA2, RK2, RU2, RV2, RX2 and R2MWO
(permanent callsign for the Museum of the World Ocean). (Note that RK21Z was from R1Z.)
RW2F is a contest call for the UA2 Contest Club, RK2FWA.

VK4 Incoming QSL Bureau -
The WIA Board has approved the appointment of Ray Crawford, VK4HDX as VK4 QSL
Bureau manager. Ray Crawford VK4HDX is a member of the WIA, resides at 53 Moore
Street, Kingaroy QLD 4610. Phone (07) 4163 6940. Email: [email protected]
The present VK4 QSL manager Eddie de Young VK4AN has resigned due to other

VK4 Outgoing QSL Bureau -
Steve Campbell, VK4SRC is the new outwards QSL Manager for VK4. The new address
for the VK4 QSL Bureau is: P.O. Box 199, Wavell Heights, 4012, Queensland, Australia
(all cards sent to GPO Box 638, Brisbane, 4001 will be redirected to the new address).