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VA3RJ's I.C.P.O. Calendar
(Islands, Castles & Portable Operations)
- Listing is by Calendar Date of operation (Day/Month/Year).

- For updated I.C.P.O. DX operations, please visit my DX Calendar page. UPDATED DAILY!


Palagruza Islands EU-090
Look for 9A/S50X, 9A/S52P, 9A/S53Z, 9A/S58MU, 9A/DM7AA and 9A3SM to be active from the Palagruza
Islands (EU-090) on 18-31 July. They plan to operate CW and SSB on 80-10 metres from the main
island, as well as from a couple of smaller islands nearby. These are Mala Palagruza (CI-461) and
Galijula (CI-462). On 25-26 July they will use the special callsign 9A20A. The QSL manager for all
callsigns will be S58MU (direct or bureau). Logs will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL. [TNX Info - 425
DX News]

Gaby, DF9TM (OV9M) and Frank, DL2SWW (5Q5W) are touring Den mark and Norway, and have been
active as LA/DF9TM and LA/DL2SWW from IOTA group EU-079 since 28 July (length of stay unknown).
Previous IOTA operations took place as follows:
04-06 July   EU-029   OV9M
05-06 July   EU-029   5Q5W
07-11 July   EU-172   OV9M and 5Q5W
11-15 July   EU-171   OV9M
12-15 July   EU-171   5Q5W
24-26 July   EU-055   LA/DF9TM and LA/DL2SWW
All QSOs will be uploaded to ClubLog and confirmed automatically via the bureau. Direct cards
(via home calls) "will be answered until November". [TNX Info - 425 DX News]