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VA3RJ's I.C.P.O. Calendar
(Islands, Castles & Portable Operations)
- Listing is by Calendar Date of operation (Day/Month/Year).

- For updated I.C.P.O. DX operations, please visit my DX Calendar page. UPDATED DAILY!

David F4FKT leaves on October 18 to join his group in Tasmania where he will be VK7/F4FKT/P. They
stay there for 8 days to leave, by plane, for the Italian base of Mario Zucchelli in Antarctica. David will
be IA0/F4FKT/P. Then after 3/5 days, on the way to Concordia by plane where he will be there until
the end of January/beginning of February where he will be FT4YM/P with perhaps a QSY at Dome C.
Then he is expected to drive the convoy who goes to the Prudhomme base (Dumont d'Urville logistics
base), duration of the trip 10 to 12 days where he will be FT4YM. And finally return by boat for an
arrival around March 15 in Tasmania. Of course, this all depends on the weather. It carries an IC-7300
and 500W amplifier (F6HEJ), a laptop PC and a vertical antenna. Traffic on 20m in SSB and FT4/FT8.
QSL via F5PFP. [TNX Info - F6AJA]

CROZET 2022-2023 While a website is under construction (, the DXpedition to the Crozet Islands is now on Twitter:  Thierry, F6CUK has been granted permission to be QRV from the #3 Most Wanted DXCC Entity for three months (mid-December 2022 to mid-March 2023) [425DXN 1591]. Thierry says that CW and SSB will be the priority. FT8 will be mostly for low bands if we can install an 80m dipole, and for far away areas (US West Coast mainly). The Northern California DX Foundation ( has announced it is granting USD 20,000 to Thierry: "hopefully this experienced DXpedition operator can exploit this rare opportunity to access Crozet Island, put out an effective signal on all the bands and log all of the needy over the course of his extended stay".  [TNX Info - 425 DX News]
W8S - SWAINS ISLAND 2023 "This week the W8S team had another conference call about the planning for the upcoming DXpedition to KH8/s Swains Island", Ronald PA3EWP wrote on 4 November. "Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, it will remain impossible to travel to American Samoa in the coming months. The limited number of flights, only 5 the first quarter of 2022, from Hawaii to American Samoa with the additional restriction to do a Covid-19 test 5 days before departure in Hawaii makes travelling extreme difficult. Also tourists have a lower priority to buy a ticket. The risk is too great to travel to Swains in the spring of 2022. Two members of our team are also part of the 3Y0J Bouvet team scheduled for November/December 2022. The entire team therefore had to decide to postpone the W8S Swains DXpedition until March 2023. This is the only opportunity to be on Swains for 15 days with the same team as our original plans in 2020. Our project has certainly not been canceled but postponed to the spring of 2023. An extra advantage that the propagation is much better on the higher bands". Updates will be posted to, as well as to Twitter and Facebook.  [TNX Info - 425 DX News]