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3Y0 - Bouvet Island 9J2LA - Kamilonga, Zambia JW0W - Prins Karls Forland S9OK - Sao Tome TO9W - Saint Martin (NA-105) TT8RR, TT8XX - Chad VK5KI - Kangaroo Island
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Current Solar Image
With VA3RJ

One of the most exciting segments of amateur radio operating is talking to someone in a different country of the world, or even a long distance VHF QSO. I get a great deal of enjoyment out of every DX contact I make, at this QTH, as I am apartment bound and only run low power to a mobile whip antenna mounted on my balcony railing.

Try QRP (low power) for more excitement and challenge. I have worked European amateurs with my set-up and only 5 watts output power! You do not need a kilowatt and beam antennas to work DX. Just a little patience and you will be able to break the big pile-ups and get the DX station you are chasing.

DX Callbooks
DXpedition Web Sites -
3Y0J - Bouvet Island (AN-002)  February 23 - March 17, 2023
8J1RL - Syowa Station [NIPR] (JPN-03)  On Air!
9Q1EK - Democratic Republic of Congo  On Air!
9X4X - Rwanda  November 24 - December 1, 2021
A25VR - Botswana 4x4 Tour  April 28 - May 26, 2022
A35GC - Tongatapu Island (OC-049)  October - November 2022
CY0S - Sable Island (NA-063)  October or November 2022
CY9C - St. Paul Island (NA-094)  October 2022
D60AE - Comoro Islands (AF-007)  5-17 October, 2022  Facebook
DP1POL - Neumayer III Antarctic Research Station  On Air!
E6AM - Niue Island (OC-040)  Postponed to October, 2022
FO/SP5EAQ, TX5AQ - Rimatara Island, Australs, DXpedition  QRT March 30th, 2022
FP/KV1J - Miquelon Island DXpedition (NA-032)  late June and July 2022
FT/W - Ile de La Possession, Crozet Archipelago (AF-008)  December 2022 - March 2023
HD8M - Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands (SA-004)  March 1-11, 2023
J28MD - Republic of Djibouti  October 29 - November 8, 2022
JX/LB5SH, JX2T - Jan Mayen DXpediton (EU-022)  late June 2022
K7K - Kiska Island DXpedition (NA-070)  July 25-31, 2022
KC4AAA - Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station (USA-36)  On Air!
KC4AAC - Palmer Station, Anvers Island (USA-23)  On Air!
KH6VV/KH4 - Midway Atoll DXpedition (OC-030)   September 2021  Postponed
MM0UKI/P - Rockall Island (EU-189)  June 1-14, 2022  Postponed
RI0IR - Nedorazumeniya Island (AS-059)  July 22-27, 2022
RI0IR/P - Sikulun Island (AS-059)  July 28-29, 2022
RI0QQ - Brusnev Island (AS-082)  July 27-31, 2022
RI1ANL - Novolazarevskaya Station (RUS-09)  On Air!
RI1ANP - Progress II Station (RUS-11)  On Air!
S21DX - IOTA DXpedition AS-140 or AS-127 (TBD)  December 2022
TL8AA, TL8ZZ - Central African Republic  November 1-30, 2022
TO5T - Ile aux Marins DXpedition (NA-032)  August 8-16, 2021  Postponed until summer of 2022-23
TO6S - l'├«le de Terre de Hau, archipel des Saintes (NA-114)  QRT February 1, 2022
TO7GJ - Mayotte 6M EME DXpedition  September 6-18, 2022
TO9W - Orient Bay, Saint Martin (NA-105)  November 30 - December 10, 2022
TU5PCT - Ivory Coast 2022  QRT February 13, 2022
TX5XG - Austral Islands (OC-114)  November 2-9, 2022
TY0RU - Cotonou, Benin DXpedition  October 10-25, 2022
VP8CMH/MM - R.R.S. Sir David Attenborough  On Air!
VP8LP - Stanley, E. Falkland Island (GBR-25)  On Air!
VP8NO - Stanley, E. Falkland Island (GBR-25)  On Air!
VU4W - Andaman Islands (AS-001)  QRT May 16, 2022
W8S - Swains Island DXpedition (OC-200)  Spring 2022
WRTC 2022 (World Radiosport Team Championship)  Postponed to July, 2023
Z21RU - near Harare, Zimbabwe  QRT June 29, 2022
ZL7/K5WE - Kaingaroa, Chatham Island (OC-038)  September 9-21, 2022

19th Edition - Antarctic Activity Week 2022

Latest News - Antarctic Activity and Updates  Info, QSL routes and more

Antarctic Challenge by The French Polar Team  The rules, the new Directory and the map
Antarctic Challenge Updated Scores
Arctic Challenge by The French Polar Team  The rules, the new Directory and the map
Arctic Challenge Updated Scores
French Polar Team Website
Polar Trophy Updated Scores  Antarctic + Arctic challenge

WAP - Worldwide Antarctic Program  Awards, bulletins, information and much more
WAP Award Rules
WAP-WADA & WAP-WACA Directories
WAP Antarctic & Sub-Antarctic Light Houses
Useful Antarctic Links

Argentine Antarctic Stations
International Polar Year (2007 - 2009)
50 Years Scott Base 1957 - 2007
Antarctic Net 16:00z every Monday 21.275 Mhz by Dom DL5EBE
Antarctic DX Net 23:00z every Saturday and Sunday on 7.078MHz
by LU4DXU. Also check 14.160MHz, 14.188MHz
and 14203MHz from 16:00z and ahead.
China DX Net 13:00z every Saturday on 21.410 Mhz
FCG Net 22:00z every day on 21.365 Mhz by JA stations
Russian Antarctic Polar Net 15:00z every day on 14.160 Mhz by Vlad UA1BJ
South Pole Polar Net 00:00z every day on 14.243 Mhz by Larry K1IED

The New DX Summit by the Arcala Extremes, OH8X in cooperation with Yasme Foundation Inc.

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