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I strongly believe that "the final courtesy of a QSO is the QSL". VA3RJ is a 100% QSL station. I will QSL anyone requiring a new country, province, prefix, verification for any award, or those who just want a card for their collection.

SWL reception reports are encouraged and welcomed. All SWL reports received will be sent a QSL.

Most of my QSL'ing is done via the bureau. Cards received via the bureau, will be answered via the bureau.
Cards sent direct will be answered direct.

Before sending away for that rare DX QSL card, check my callbook page for that correct DX, and local, address.

Check to see if there are any QSL cards waiting for you.
You will be surprised. I had 8 waiting for me!
Enter your callsign to see if you have an eQSL waiting!