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The Lafayette TE-18 GDO is an AC line powered GDO with a range of 360 kHz through 220 MHz, using eight plug-in coils and a single 6AF4A vacuum tube. The meter movement is a nicely sensitive 500 uA movement, calibrated in increments of 50 uA each. A highlighted note within the manual states: "ALWAYS INSERT A COIL WITH THE CODE LETTER FACING YOU WHEN VIEWING THE TE-18 FROM THE FRONT."

The two manual pages below took over 10 hours of time due to the age on the manual-so if you need more than this let me know, and I'll email scans of specific page requests.. Select the right-most schematic (with the RED border) for the PDF version of the schematic.


       COVER          Schematic: TE-18 JPG    Schematic: TE-18 PDF


At right is a comparison of what is either a private-labeled GDO, manufactured for some industrial market; OR a very early version of the Lafayette. All of the lettering is silk-screened on the TE-18 model(s) yet there is no "Lafayette" on this one. Also, the small slide switches have different colors. As with most of my photos, click on it for the higher resolution version.

The later model Lafayette is the TE-57 shown below:

click for the large picture:

The Lafayette TE-57 (aka Model 99-2503) is an AC-powered 6 coil GDO covering 1.7 - 180 MHz. It uses a single 6CW4 Nuvistor as the oscillator tube. The unit weighs around 1.5 lbs (1.47 kg) and was in manufacture around 1965.


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