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Take a look at my CORROSION TOPICS page. Lots of unfortunate mistakes and cures. Complete with closeups!!!


I have all Heath GDOs including: the Models GD-1, GD-1A, and the GD-1B. Deserving special mention is the Heath GD1-B (1955) Special LF Version GDO, his very rare GDO is in absolutely MINT condition; with: original shipping box, instruction sheet, conversion scale, and Auxiliary Coil Set 341-A for ranges: 300kc-700kc and 700kc-1.9Mc (it'd be a shame to use Hertz here, wouldn't it!); The optional LF coils and chart cost $3.00 in 1954!!. The associated GD-1B was $19.50. I also have the HM-10A Tunnel Dipper: one of the few (if not the only) commercial Amateur Radio applications of the tunnel diode. Also included in my collection is an assembled (by me) HD-1250 MOSFET GDO; and an unopened, still-sealed-in-the-box HD-1250 kit.

I also have two models of the European version of the Heath GD-1, the GD-1U's. One-as seen at left-that is a medium grey, with white letters. The other is a lighter grey, with dark letters. I believe this is the older unit. These are 220V European-only models I got from England. Very similar to the U.S. GD-Series, but a nicer design. Notice the EURO 220 VAC plug.


ABOUT THE Heathkit GD-1 Series GDOs

The Heathkit GD1-series of GDOs are AC line powered instruments with a range of 2 to 30 MHz using five coils; and having an available auxiliary 2-coil set extending the unit down to 350 kHz. The American series uses a single 6AF4A vacuum tube. The European version, the GD-1U, uses an EC-92 / 6AB4. There are two color schemes associated with the latter unit, and I have both. The meter movement is 500 uA movement. The net weight of a GD-1B is 2 lbs or 0.9 kg.




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