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Take a look at my CORROSION TOPICS page. Lots of unfortunate mistakes and cures. Complete with closeups!!!


My primary VHF-and up monitoring antenna is an Austin Electronics'  Ferret  with their 10db gain mast-mounted broadband preamp. Here is a link to the Radioware page describing the Ferret:

The Ferret  is a 9-Band, commercial grade receiving and transmitting antenna covering 28MHz to 1.8GHz using an array of center fed, 1/2 wave elements. It is housed in a lightweight fiberglass "radome", and is ~8 feet tall, with an 18 inch aluminum mounting extension tube. It has an optional in-line, mast-mounted, 10dB preamp.

I also have a Dressler ara900. This is an active receiving antenna with a slightly different operating range from the Ferret. It has been succeeded by the Dressler ara2000, a better antenna also covering 50MHz-2000MHz (with a much better: +36dbm 3rd order intercept.) The ara2000 is shown below, but the ara900  is physically almost identical.

I also have a Mackay-DymekDA-100-E Active Antenna that I use primarily for temporary testing of newly arrived receivers & kits or homebrew projects.


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