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You gotta love  it!!!

  You gotta have  it!!!



Take a look at my CORROSION TOPICS page. Lots of unfortunate mistakes and cures. Complete with close-ups!!!

This is a link to the WWVB page of the NIST website.




Note:  there aren't very many underlined words-few pictures yet-but soon!

Measurements: B&K Precision 815 DVM /Component Tester
Biddle Major Megger Insulation Tester
Bradshaw Instr. no model nr. VOM
Casie   Small Japanese VOM from 1956 in perfect condition w/leather case
Coaxial Dynamics 8555 RF Terminated Watt-meter FS=1W or 5W
Data Measurements Corporation 8155 Flutter Meter
The Daven Company Type OP-961 Audio Power Output Meter
232 VTVM
249 VTVM
Fluke 8020-A My 1st DVM
FW Bell: mA 2000 DC/True RMS AC Non-Contact Milliameter (Current Probe)
General Electric

Germanium Diode Checker

Model 4ST12A1; Checks Germanium Diode Parameters
Hewlett-Packard: HP5328A/098 High Accuracy Frequency Counter
HP5381A Frequency Counter
Keithley 2000 6.5 Digit Multitester w/HIGH Precision
Military: ME-77/C Multimeter
ME-297/U Multimeter
TS-585 D/U Audio output measurements. Purchased NIB
Nye Engineering Signal Cube Digital Field Strength Meter
Protek 506 Digital Multitester w/RS-232


Auto Z Capacitance-Inductance Analyzer
Tektronix 130 LCR Meter
Triplett 603 Type 1 Auto Polarity Micro-Power VOM circa 1969
630 Type 5 High Accuracy VOM
2400 VOM Manual stamped 1945; MINT condition
Miscellaneous: Hewlett-Packard 353A Patch Panel - audio impedance matcher
Oscilloscopes: EICO 435  
Fluke 97 Scopemeter Multi-featured, dual channel, 50MHz, nicad-powered LCD 'scope-absolutely terrific!
Tektronix 7623B with 7A26 7B53 7CT1 Storage Mainframe Vertical Horizontal Curve Tracer
Signal Generators: Ballantine Labs 6130A Laboratory Time Mark Gen
B&W, Inc. 210FA 20Hz-40KHz Audio Gen w/up to 1W variable output
EICO: 315 Signal Generator
324 Signal Generator
360 Sweep-Signal Generator
General Radio 1390-B Noise Generator
Hallicrafters HG-1 This is a Heathkit with a Hallicrafters' front panel. A beautiful unit dipping down to 50KHz.
Hewlett-Packard: 200CD Tube Audio Oscillator
204CD Solid State Audio Osc
211B High Power Sq Wave Gen
HP 8640B Synthesized HF Sig-Gen
Jackson Electrical Instrument Company Model No. 652 Tube-type Audio Signal Generator-manufactured 1946!!! Exc. Condx
Knight KG-650 HF Signal Generator
MILITARY SGC-15/PCM Tube-type Audio Signal Generator sweetest, purest, tone I ever heard
Tektronix: 184 Time Mark Generator
191 Constant-Amplitude HF Signal Generator
Test / Repair: Advantage Instruments Corporation SA-1800-D w/2.4GHz option et al 2400 MHz Spectrum Analyzer w/Tracking Generator
Associated Research Model 412 HYPOT Tester
B&K Precision: 530 Semiconductor Analyzer
607 Solid State Tube Tester
EICO: 145 "Multi-Signal" Tracer
625 Tube Tester
666 Tube Tester-no cabinet but with socket adapters
Huntron Tracker GREAT troubleshooting tool
MicroSciences Inc. ICT-101 Full function In-circuit IC tester; tests most TTL & CMOS Logic ICs while in circuit and under power
MILITARY: TV2/C My favorite Tube Tester
MX-1258 Tube Socket Adapter Set
Peak: Atlas Semiconductor Analyzer
Atlas LCR Analyzer
Supreme 333 Radio Analyzer
Tektronix 6202 FET (Active) Oscilloscope Probe: 500MHz




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