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Casting photons hither & yon into the ether, seeking my friends, and making new ones...

...yes I know: kinda corny... but it is the truth!






Transmitters are to hams like an engine is to a car: you still have a car without it, but you're not gonna do much! It takes an engine to make a car go, just as it takes a transmitter to fully interact with the world as a radio amateur.

The transmitters presented in this section are a cross section in time of the art of the radio transmitter. They have always done the same thing: literally sending photons across the street or across the world, to be received by someone and converted from little bundles of energy into a recognizable audio signal. What a great idea Mr. Marconi had.

Allied/Knight: T-50  
V-44 VFO  
V-107 VFO  
Central Electronics CE-200-V  
R.L. Drake: 2NT Crystal-controlled
E.F. Johnson: Ranger I kit!    (to be assembled)
Ranger II  MINT condition!!
EICO: 720  
722 VFO  
ETO-Alpha 78 Amplifier 3 x 8874s Fully Broadbanded "No tune"
Galaxy: HG-303 Crystal-controlled
V-10 VFO Matches HG-303 styling
Gonset GSB-100 Phasing SSB-CW
Hallicrafters: See Hallicrafters TX pg  
Hammarlund: HX-50 80-10M SSB-CW
HXL-1 Amplifier 2 x 572-B
Harvey-Wells TBS-50-D Bandmaster Deluxe
JRC NSD-515 Transmitter, matches the NRD-515
Lysco  600-S VFO-Transmitter, single 807
Millen: 90800 6L6 to 807 50W
90810 2-6M, 10M
90700 Vari-arm VFO
National NCL-2000 Amplifier 80-10M pair of 8122s in G-G
RACAL MA-79 Driver Unit Perfect match for the RA-17
SBE SBE-LA Amplifier matching the SBE-33 - See Transceivers for the SBE-33-34-36
Ten Tec Model 200 VFO Stand-alone 80-10M...                very rare!!
WRL: Globe Scout Deluxe  


This is a Globe Electronics HG-303. I found a NEW one along with a NEW V-10 VFO. Amazing. This was surely one of the last-if not the last-CW-only, crystal controlled transmitters designed. The VFO matches the transmitter styling.

The Harvey-Wells Bandmaster Deluxe Model TBS-50D is one of my favorite transmitters. Very nice looking, and-with its 6AQ5 > 6AQ5 > 807 final, a solid medium power unit. It uses 2 6L6s in a Class B modulator. Manufactured between 1950-1955, it sold for a list price of ~$112.00. The power supply is external to the unit, and it requires an external VFO. Harvey-Wells made a matching VFO, but I have not been able to obtain one-yet. Click on the photo for the 800 x 600 version.


This transmitter matches the RA-17C, and appears physically identical to me. Running 100mW output, it has the same 6 foot long 35mm film kHz dial & Barlowe-Wadley Loop. All mode, it weighs 67 lbs! I like to think of it as one of the world's heaviest QRPp rigs!!

This is a kit from the Italian company, Geloso, I recently acquired on that e-place. I believe it was originally offered in the early 1960's. It is everything you need for a very nice 6CL6-buffered VFO. Ought to make a pretty good QRP rig all by itself. I will probably set it up with a 6V6 driving an 807-building in the ability to run it VERY barefoot right out of the 6CL6 (or the 6V6-depending on who develops 5W output.) Click for the 800 x 600 photo.




More to come...


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