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I have listed most of the speakers associated with receivers I own... I have many others w/o the appropriate receiver... and I will list them-as well as photographing the whole lot-as I can.

A great webpage about Ham Radio speakers can be found at:


Allied: AX-190 w/matching speaker


w/matching speaker

R-100A w/matching speaker
BC-348 -(x) (MIL) Various letter-types w/matching LS-3 speaker
Collins: 51S-1 w/matching speaker
51S-1 w/matching speaker
R.L. Drake R4-B w/matching speaker
Galaxy (WRL) R-530 w/ rare matching speaker; photo from Brian, W5AMI
Hallicrafters: R-46A Excellent LARGE speaker with the "h" and front panel all one color
SX-28 (x2) w/matching PM-23 spkr
SX-101 Mk III w/matching speaker
SX-115 w/matching speaker
Hammarlund: HQ-150 w/matching S-200 speaker
HQ-180-C w/matching S-200 speaker
ITT Mackay-Marine 3031-A Built-in awful speaker!
JRC NRD-515 w/matching speaker
National: HRO-50 w/matching speaker
HRO-60 w/matching speaker
NC-300 w/matching speaker
NC-303 w/matching speaker
RACAL MA-6721 dual spkrs in rack mount
RME RME 6900 w/rare matching speaker
Yaesu FRG-9600 w/built-in speaker


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