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My primary film camera is a Nikon F4-S. It has been very capable and reliable during the shooting of many different types of photographs. I have used it to document my sons' activities in sports, as well as the other places and events significant in our family's life.

I mostly use two Nikkor lenses with the F4-S: a 70-210mm f  4D AF Zoom; and a 20-35mm f2.8D AF Zoom. Both are Auto-Focus lenses, and the latter is an ED (Extra Dispersion) lens. Other Nikkor lenses include a 200mm f 4  1:4 AF Micro Nikkor , that gets down to almost 1:1 on the film. That is: the size of the object in real life can be almost the size on the film. Also: a 35-70mm f 2.8D AF Zoom. And I have an older Nikkor 500mm f 8 Reflex (Mirror) that will not fit on the F4-S  due to a conflict between the pentaprism housing and the lens body/mount; but fits the FA perfectly.

Lastly, but not by Nikon, I have a Celestron C-90 1000mm f 11 mirror lens w/special ruggedized rubber coating, special antiglare lens coating, and a Nikon mount. The  Celestron C-90 is the world leader in this size spotting scope, and its superb optics are part of the reason. It features a full 90mm (3.55") aperture, f/11 Maksutov-Cassegrain mirror lens optical system and are permanently collimated and fully baffled. The diffraction-limited optics are carefully hand-figured, then thoroughly laser tested. At just 3 pounds in weight and 7" in length, the C90 is lightweight and compact enough to travel anywhere. The closed tube design eliminates image-degrading tube currents and keeps the optics safe and dust-free. A helical focusing system assures fast and accurate focusing. You mount the camera to the lens!!! Shown is the same lens, in use as a spotting scope.

I use a Ries J-600 Backpacker Wooden Tripod (Ries is the same tripod Ansel Adams used) with an ARCA-Swiss B1 Monoball Standard head (w/panoramic sweep) and quick-release plates from Really Right Stuff. (I also have the RRS Bracket and Flash holder for my 200mm Micro lens. Awesome quality.) For quick use, and minimal encumbrance, I prefer the Gitzo Mountaineer Carbon-Fiber Monopod. Strong & Light.

I have 3 other cameras in use: a Nikon FA, and two Minoltas: an SRT-102, and their small 110 Zoom SLR with a fixed-mount 25-50mm f 4.5 MACRO Zoom lens. I was really tickled to get the '110 at a garage sale down the street for $25, in excellent condition, with case and flash!


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