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I am now the proud owner of Millen 90651 GDO SN: 1 !!! I will follow up on this as soon as I can with photographs, etc. 

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Here is a table containing the inductance values for the set of 4 LF Coils. Note the pinout (my pin numbering, as seen from the bottom.)

Pin 1              Pin 2




Pin 3


 COIL  Freq Range (kHz)  Pins 1-2  Pins 2-3  Pins 1-3
46702  925 - 2000 525.3uH 196.3uH 214.9uH
46703  500 - 1050 1.781mH 673uH 664uH
46704 325 - 600 4.683mH 1.696mH 1.702mH
46705 220 - 350 9.144mH 3.671mH 3.491mH

While the units appear to have two coils, they effectively have three. Both of the 'two' coils have only two wires leading to the base. The wires from the lower coil go to pins 2 and 3. Pin 3 is a common, having a wire from both the upper and the lower coils joined there. The upper coil has two wires, one going to pin 3, and one going to pin 1. Obviously-from the value differences between (1-2) and [(2-3) plus (1-3)] there is a third winding.

There is no observable difference between the upper and lower coils of 46705 (which-having the largest inductance difference-would surely be the more easily observed.) The wires going to pins 1 and 2 from each coil clearly come from the outside of the coil, leaving no room for doubt about those wire ends belonging to the main coil components. Best I can do folks.


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