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Take a look at my CORROSION TOPICS page. Lots of unfortunate mistakes and cures. Complete with closeups!!!


I was first licensed in 1961, as a Novice, in Montgomery, AL. It was the result of an Explorer Post led by a terrific mentor: the late Mac McKinstry, W4HYI; and the efforts of a good friend my age (14), Steve Holley, KN4WNN. Steve lived a couple of blocks away, and had an EICO 720, a BC-342, and a dipole. Also, there was another Novice, Joe Coleman, KN4APT wanting to upgrade, who often gave me a ride to the meetings. (*1)

As a Novice-followed in a couple of months by a General (actually a Conditional-what you got when you had no 'local' FCC office-the nearest was in Birmingham.) CW was my favorite mode-even then. My first contact was with WN4BAD, also in Alabama. The thrill and wonder I felt during that first contact still occurs today with an interesting or rare QSO (contact.)

What does that have to do with 'loving' CW (Morse Code)? Once I had learned the code, and began to gain some degree of proficiency in it, I discovered I truly enjoyed the mental and physical actions and challenges involved in sending and receiving good CW on the air. It became integral to the pleasure I derived from talking to someone over the air. It still is all these years later.

It is the same thing-to me-as the answer to the question: Why do people play music? Just for the sheer joy in the physical activity of it; the pleasure of doing something well; and the satisfaction of hearing and understanding the sounds as you-or your partner at the other end of the ether-make them.

I don't resent the no-coders... I feel sorry for them.

*1: Steve is now W5MHA, and lives in Oklahoma; Joe, still K4APT-amazingly-lives within a couple of miles of me!



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