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The Three L-Antennas: Wide-Equal-Tall

A half-wave dipole exhibits diferent radiation patterns when bent into space saving forms.  Starting with the basic "L" form with arms of equal length, this article covers:
  • how to get perfect matching by Off-Center-Feed (OCF)
  • how to get dipole-like performance
  • how to get a ground plane with gain

Combined Center-Fed and Off-Center-Fed Ground Plane Antenna

This article presents the concept of combining the characteristics of a conventional Ground Plane Antenna (GPA) with the elements of an Off-Center-Fed (OCF) antenna.

Various configurations provide a simple way for multi-band performance and an unusual way to obtain relatively strong directional gain.. all from a very ordinary antenna.

Antennas 101: The Basics
by Ward Silver, N0AX
Author of the ARRL license manuals and most ARRL publications.
Contributing Editor for QST "Hands-On-Radio" column and many articles.
2016 Bill Orr Technical Writing Award Recipient

This is an extremely concise, accurate and understandable presentation by the ARRL master.
The best!

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Dick Reid, KK4OBI at