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Robert Tyrakowski



     HAM-Radio, GPS and other projects


 Car Garage Entrance control
  With 4 Lidar Sensors and 4 * 72 LED Strips

  Garageneinfahrskontrolle mit  4 Lidar Sensoren und 4 LED Streifen


 DAB+ Radio board
with only 3 Controls and
Speech Output for Guidance
  DAB+ Radio mit Sprachausgabe und nur 3 Bedienelementen

 Home Automation
  IDT(ZMD)  ZWIR4512  6LoWPAN Network

 Energy Counter Simulator
  with 3 times S0 - Outputs

  Simulator für Energiezähler mit 3 * S0-Ausgängen

   Improvement of solar electricity self-consumption .
  Verbesserung des PV-Stromeigenverbrauchs

  How to keep a biker group together, without stress ?
  Wie  Fahrradgruppe ohne Stress zusammenhalten ?
  2*20 char RGB LCD-Display controller for
I²C host 
  Multicolor 2*20 Char I²C LCD-Display mit Tastatur
 Micro Controller powered Data Logger for Mastervolt's  Mini Grid Converter Soladin 600 and Windmaster 500
Datenlogger für Mastervolt's 230V-Wechselrichter Soladin 600 und
  Windmaster 500


 VBIM- Serial - I²C
 New state of the art Beam Direction Display as a  replacement of the old  proven VBI-360 TTL hardware.

Joint Venture Ham project  by  W3FRG and DK7NT
LINK  feuchte Humidity Sensor Controller
 Controller for two humidity sensors to get two dewpoints and both  relative and absolute humidities.
 Controller für zwei Feuchtesensoren zum Ermitteln zweier Taupunkte und  der relativen und absoluten Luftfeuchtigkeit.
LINK   csvv1 CSV-Viewer by Ingo Wendler
 Exiting tool to display csv coded logger data files
 Vielseitiges SW-Tool zum Darstellen von csv Loggerdateien
LINK b1 5 * 4...20 mA Converter Interface
 Interface for up to 5 * 4..20 mA Sensors. Can be  integrated in a logger  system or may work self-conatined.

 Schnittstelle für bis zu 5 * 4...20 mA Sensoren. In Loggersystem  integriebar oder freilaufend.
  LINK tdr-fws Temperature Sensor Replacement
 Interface to cheat temperatur sensor controller

 Temperatursteuerungen überlisten.
 LINK          bild1s
 Heat-Meter Readout
 Simple interface to read an Allmess Heat Meter via RS232 or via TTL,
 using M-BUS Software Layer.
No M-BUS hardware components needed.
 Interface zum Auslesen von Allmess Wärmemengenzählern über RS232  oder TTL Ebene mittels M-BUS Software  Layer Instruktionen.
 Keine M-Bus Hardwarekomponenten nötig!
LINKtdr-cs TSIC-Conditioner
  Simple interface for up to 16 high precision IST TSic 206/306/506  
temperature  sensors
by ZMD  and/or S0 AC power meter cannels.
  Interface für bis zu 16 hochgenaue IST TSic 206/306/506 Temperatur-
  sensoren von ZMD oder/und S0 Stromzähler kanäle.

LINK vbi
  VBI PLUS-Multidirectional
  Interface between SteppIR Antenna Controller and  
  VBI-360 Beam Indicator.

  Joint Venture Ham project  by  W3FRG and DK7NT

  YO3DMU's  PstRotator now  supports VBI-Display

  Published  in the German HAM Radio Periodical "Funkamateur" 12/2010 
LINK   accu   Hände weg von Billig-Akkus!
  Keep away from cheap batteries!
LINK pyrano
   Pyranometer Amplifier
Amplifier for a solar irradiation meter
   Verstärker für solares Globalstrahlungsmessgerät
gps-s.jpg  GPSL              GPS-Landing
  GPS aided landing for RC model aircraft    
  GPS Unterstützung bei der Landung von RC Modellflugzeugen
 Published in the German Modelsport Magazine "Aufwind" 3/2008 (Mai-Ausgabe)
LINK  rcsls-1  RCSLS - Servo Switch  (MSP430Fxxxx)
   Servo signal decoder -  Sequential logic system (RCSLS) , Code example
rfmlf3.jpg  RFMLF   for RC model air plains  3 in 1
  •  Battery power monitor (lowest voltage value memory)
  •  Battery power empty warning via radio 
  •  Lost and Found monitoring if aircraft escaped
 Link   rfmtx   RFMTX   
  Battery Powered  433MHz Tracking  Transmitter
Link GA628  Ericsson Cell Phone Display GA628
Link NM7010A  Ethernet Connection for LPC2106 (ARM7)
Link aa
  Antenna Analyzer for short wave HAM's
 Published in the German HAM-Radio Magazine Funkamateur 10/2005
Link lcd7650s

  Controller for Nokia 7650 cell phone
  LCD Display. Now with C-Source Code

   176 *208 pixel, 4096 colors

Link  gpsreceiver    GPS Signal Repeater for indoor
Link antennaled   Huge LED Antenna Direction Display
Link tvreceiver   TV based Receiver for a Standard     
  Frequency Generator  

     Published in the GermanHAM-Radio Magazine CQ-DL 11/1998.
Link gpsrx1   GPS based Receiver for a Standard 
  Frequency Generator
      Published in the German HAM-Radio Magazine CQ-DL 07/2000
Link gpsrx2
 Mini Outdoor GPS Receiver GPSRX2    

Published in the German HAM-Radio Magazine Funkamateur 07/2002
Link gpscro   GPS/TV-CRO  
High Precision GPS/TV Controlled  Reference Oscillator
    Universal Disciplined Standard Frequency Generator for TV and GPS based


    Published in the HAM Radio Magazine CQ-DL 9/2001 and 10/2001, the
    periodical of the German Amateur Radio Club (
Link callmachine   CALLMACHINE   
    An unusual electronic keyer

Published in the German HAM-Radio Magazine Funkamateur  07/2010.
Published in the German HAM-Radio Magazine CQ-DL 03/1999.
Link gnome   Fx-Gnome     A small and power saving frequency readout
Published in the German HAM Radio Magazine CQ-DL 11/2001
Link i2clcd   I2C-LCD    I2C/RS232 to Standard LCD Converter
  Embedded Visual Basic Programs for
  Pocket PC and helpful hints for PPC

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