Last update: 27. June 2005
           Ericsson Cell Phone Display GA628
A cheap and power saving simple display for battery powered projects is the Ericsson GA628 display. It is readily available and the I2C interface allows the connection also to very small micro controller.

(click to the picture)

Based on a WWW publication I found, I designed  a software written  in
standard C for the MSP430 family. It can easily be modified for different micros. (be aware you will have problems to go back!)

The GA628 display provides a 12 character alphanumeric display ,  some icons in the second line and power consumption of some 100 uA. It can easily be connected to the hardware, simply by soldering some wires. The only disadvantage is , it needs a 3.3V power supply and something around 5.6V. However, this  code and the MSP430 provides a clock for a simple charge pump, realized with 3 diodes and 3 capacitors.

One may download the driver for the display here.  (3K zipped)

The pin out of the display can be found here. (be aware you will have problems to go back!)

here one may find how to realize the charge pump.

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