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 Humidity Sensor Controller
 Controller for two humidity sensors to get two dewpoints and the relative and absolute humidity.
 Controller für zwei Feuchtesensoren zum Ermitteln  zweier Taupunkte und beider relativer und absoluter Luftfeuchtigkeiten.
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The humidity sensor controller project is a part of a heating logger system for a Groundwater Heat-pump. It allows to display and log current temperatures, consumed AC power, generated Heating power, the water level and water temperature of the groundwater wells, pressure in the groundwater pipes and some other important informations. The humidity sensor controller is basically supposed to be used to support airing of rooms.

Depending on the  DIP-switch the controller can either be read out self-contained via a standard RS232 connection or on request by a host via a  serial (TTL) data stream, similar to RS232. There is a document which describes the request and answer structure.

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The humidity sensors used in this project are the Sensirion SHT75. There are two humidity sensors supported to be able to determinate the humidity and the dewpoint in the rooms and  outside the building.  That may be an indicator for optimal airing of rooms. The sensor controller delivers the temerature , the relative humidity , the dewpoint and calculates the absolute humidity for each sensor location.

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