Last update : 11. July 2010
  CSV-Viewer by Ingo Wendler
Exiting tool to display csv coded logger data files
Vielseitiges SW-Tool zum Darstellen von csv Loggerdaten
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I have been asked :

Why do you need an additional tool to display csv coded data ? There are EXCEL and similar tools , which properly handle such data file. You are getting perfect graph pictures and you can document your data.

That's right, but have you ever tried 

        - to display csv data of a logger which samples data over month?
- to display data of a logger which samples data only transient (no linear time base)?
        - to display  30 graphs and more ?
        - to go to a certain entry and display the environment of that entry (zoom in /out etc.) ?
        - to process csv logger data , eg. generate artificial (calculated) graphs and to suppress
          display of particular states ?

I assume not .

But if you want to do that, the  CSV-Viewer by Ingo Wendler can do it.

Features :

    • Ability to convert not compatible data formats to csv-viewer format by an external 
      converter , controlled by a configuration file.
    • Converter can be called  indirectly during load procedure of the logger file
    • Converter and Viewer can process huge logger files
    • Can deal with  non , linear and non linear time stamp information
    • Logger data file and configuration file can contain  comments
    • Able to generate calculated graphs (e.g.  a power graph (P) can be calculated from
      a voltage (V) and current (A) stream (
      P = V * A )
    • Ability to suppress graphs for areas for which they are not  expressive
    • Graphs can simple be turned on and off ,  can be marked and can be identified
      by the mouse cursor.
    • Logger file must not contain  graph names and color , can be added by the
      configuration file of the converter.

Find the latest version of CSV-Viewer by Ingo Wendler including a (German) documentation here:

(look for from the bottom )

Thanks a lot to Ingo Wendler for that tool and for all the implemented features I additionally asked for!

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