Last update : 24-June-2007

   Battery Powered 433 MHz  Tracking  Transmitter
 (LPD frequency range) 
This small PCB  delivers a tracking signal which can be received by
a readily available LPD receiver. 
A MSP430F1232 controls the Hope RFM02 transmitter module. Three beep in FM with a duration
of together around  1 second can be received after a selectable time . Between the three beeps, the whole system turns in power down mode and consumes  just around 50 uA.

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Size : 20mm x 48mm
RF range : 4 channels      433.400    MHz    LPD CH 14
                433.800   MHz    LPD CH 30
                434.200   MHz  
                434.650   MHz    
Power range : 4 levels       - 13   dBm
                                         -  7   dBm
                                            1   dBm
                                            3   dBm  ( with optimal environment)
Repeat Time for Beep: 4 selectable delay times

                                        10   seconds       1.550 mA/h
                                        30   seconds       0.175 mA/h
                                        60   seconds       0.113 mA/h
                                        120 seconds       0.082 mA/h
Transmit Time :               less than a second  
Power consumption :         Power down mode    :      50 uA
                                        Transmitter active    :      25 mA ( full power setting)
Voltage :                          3.7 V cell phone accumulator and/or
                                        3.5 .. 5.4 V external power.
                                       Automatic switch over.

One may download the C code for the MSP430F1232 here.  (5K zipped)

Look at the schematic here. (pdf)
The assembly drawing of the PCB can be found here. (pdf)

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