Last update: 12-November-2001

          I2C-Bus/RS232 Adapter

This small board allows to connect a standard 1 line or 2 line LCD-Module (with HD44780 LCD-Controller or compatible) to I2C bus or optional to RS232 .


Current :    120 mA   depending
on LCD backlight
 Size:              l                    h
         LCD - universal      total      88 mm      55 mm     25 mm
            visible      60 mm      18 mm  

Schematic (Rev. 1) Part 1
Assembly drawing (Rev. 1) Top  Bottom
Pictures of the board Top with LCD on board
Top with external LCD
Display example Display
SW Interface description   
SW I2C in binary format   (2KB)
SW RS232 in binary format   (2KB)


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