Last update :  10-May-2007

Pyranometer Amplifier

The described amplifier is a high sophisticated part of a solar irradiation measurement and logging project.


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The most important unit of a solar radiation measurement system is a
good , trusted and calibrated radiation sensor. Such a sensor is very expensive and  hard to get  just for hobby projects. On the WEB there are some publications which deal with different sensor solutions. I checked some of these,  but finally I decided to buy a commercial  ISO9060 Seconardy Standard Pyranometer ( it hit a big dent in my hobby finances! ). But it was worth it, it works perfect.

However , a  sensor  is just "half of the trip". A Pyranometer delivers about 4 ... 14 uV/W/m. The output voltage must be converted to a  range which can easily be detected and processed. This requires an amplifier  which is able to cover the given resolution and the given voltage range (0..15mV) in a wide temperature range, with less noise, offset and drift.
Eventually I decided to use an Analog Device AD8556 Sensor Amplifier and the 12 bit A/D converter AD7992. A micro controller is needed for amplifier programming and to process the results of  the ADC.

Maybe this helps others who are looking for similar solutions, even for non solar projects.
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 Main PCB of the measurement and logging systemSolar Irradiation Measurement System with display, power supply CF interface and 868MHz transceiver Kipp&Zonen Pyranometer CM11
 pyrano2 pyrano3 pyrano4
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