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  VBI PLUS-Multidirectional
Micro Controller Interface for SteppIR Antenna Controller
VBI-360 Beam Indicator.

VBI- Serial
Micro Controller Interface for Serial  Rotary Controller connection and VBI-360 Beam Indicator.

YO3DMU's  PstRotator now  supports VBI-Display

VBIM- Serial - I2C

 New state of the art HW which replaces the old VBI-360.

This is a Joint Venture Ham project by Tom, W3FRG  and  Robert, DK7NT
(Refer to the article "Beamrichtungsanzeige instand gesetzt und erweitert " in the German HAM Radio Periodical "Funkamateur" 12/2010 by W3FRG)

                                        Layout                     ADT                   ADB
vbi-micro-pcb      pic1     pic1
                                            (click to the pictures)

This small Controller PCB  connects the SteppIR Antenna Controller 
steppir  with a VBI-360 Beam Indicator and manages the LED illumination depending on the SteppIR controller direction mode.

The EPROM of the VBI-360  board must be exchanged by a new version. Via a RS232 cable the 
VBI PLUS-Multidirectional controller is connected to the DATA Out port of the SteppIR Controller. The other end of the VBI PLUS-Multidirectional board must be connected to certain pins at the VBI-360 board by a RJ12 modular connector cable . An additional power supply is not necessary. The baud rate between the SteppIR controller and micro board will automatically be selected.

A Texas Instruments Microcontroller MSP430F1232 is doing the job.

The VBI PLUS-Multidirectional captures the status of the SteppIR Controller and sets up the LEDs on the VBI-360 display the following way:

Forward direction :
    Forward LEDs permanent illuminated

Reverse direction  :    Reverse position LEDs blinking
Bidirectional         :
    Forward and reverse LEDs blinking alternatelly

  Long Path LED is optional in all 3 modes.

VBIMS   VBI-360  serial connection
      (click to the picture)

This new option (VBIMS) allows the connection of the VBI-360 Beam Indicator to almost any rotary unit. Independent on if the rotor feedback is analog or digital.

Read more at 
TOM's W3FRG  web site.

(GH-RT21,IdiomPress,YEASU GS232, AlfaSpid*, M2Orion RC2800*,Prositel*, ...)* in prepration


VBIMS-360 can now be connected to YO3DMU's  PstRotator ( via a third serial port . Supports all protocols PstRotator supports!!
Works great!!

VBIM- Serial - I2C
 A new state of the art HW replaces the older TTL hardware.


Due to the fact , that the old VBI-360 board is not manufactured anymore , a new design with the same funcionality was need. The new design is based on a micro controller and is an improved version of the VBIMS board decribed above. The LEDs are controlled via a serial I2C bus. 
   vbims5                             vbima10                                  
Now there are the following options :

       For the OLD VBI-360 HW:

    vbims1                            vbims2   

 For the new VBI-360 I2C HW:
    vbims3                            vbims4  
More pictures:
                 vbims7                                vbims11   
Prototype                                     final LED board
                (click to the picture)  

VBI-Micro Top   VBI-Micro Bottom      New color MAP           SteppIR controller    
pic5        pic5         Bild1        pic1
                                                   (click to the pictures)
Click here to get a short video clip (8MB )                             

Tom, W3FRG, offers all around the VBI-360

    • New  units
    • Repair service
    • Exchange current map to a much better map
    • + -90 updates (for a second antenna on a single tower)
    • VBI PLUS-Multidirectional updates
    • VBI-Serial connection even for non analog rotary units
      via RS232
      (GH-RT21,IdiomPress,YEASU GS232, AlfaSpid, M2Orion RC2800,
        Prositel, ...)  
    • Connectable to PstRotator
    •  ........
Visite Tom's  gbd web site and contact him if  you are interested .   W3FRG

It's worth to look at the Easy Rotor Controller site by DF9GR

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