Last update : 05. May 2010

    Heat-Meter Readout
Simple interface to read  Allmess Heat Meter via RS232 or via TTL,
 using M-BUS Software Layer.
No M-BUS hardware components needed.

 Interface zum Auslesen von Allmess Wärmemengenzählern über RS232  oder TTL Ebene mittels M-BUS Software  Layer Instruktionen. Keine M-Bus Hardwarekomponenten nötig!
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The Heat-Meter (HM) readout project is a part of a heating logger system for a Groundwater Heatpump. It allows to display and log current temperatures, consumed AC power, generated Heating power, the status of the groundwater wells, pressure in the groundwater pipes and some other important informations.


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The  HM readout PCB can directly be mounted onto an Allmess Echo CF-II or a similar unit. Depending on the  DIP-switch and some jumpers, the HM result can either be read out selfcontained via a standard RS232 connection or on request by a host via a  seriall (TTL) data stream, similar to RS232. There is a document which describes the request and answer structure.

For battery powered Heat Meters, it is important to disconnect the  batteries, because they are intended for not more than a single read outs during an hour. The logger requests result any 30 seconds. The pictures below show what to do to use the batteries just for backup.

bild5s                bild4s

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If the HM board is a member of the heating logger system, the result of the readout can be displayed on the screen of the logger controller as current produced heat. If the AC power of the heatpump is also available, the current COP (Coefficient Of Performance) can then be calculated and displayed.


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As an example , the picture below shows different temperatures , AC power, heating power and the current COP in a diagram. The used SW is RealView by Abacom.

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