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Lighthouse Awards

150th Anniversary of Sile Light House Award  by TCSWAT
Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society - ARLHS
Baltic Lighthouses Award  Sponsored by SP5PB
Belgian Lighthouse Award - BLHA
Brazilian Lighthouse Award - DFB  Diploma Faróis Brasileiros - LABRE-SP
British Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society - BARLS
Checkpoint DL-OZ-OE for WLOTA  DL2VFR
Croatian Lighthouse Award - CLHA
Danish Lighthouse Award  Danish DX Group
Danish Lightship Fyrskib XXI Award
DFP - Diploma dos Faróis de Portugal   Portuguese Lighthouse Award
Diploma Faros Chilenas  Lighthouses of Chile
Dutch Lighthouse Award
Eastern Blacksea Lighthouses on the Air (EBLOTA) Award  by TCSWAT
European Lighthouse & Lightship Award Program - ELLA  Brave Radio Friends
French Onshore Lighthouses Award - DPLF
German Lighthouse Award - DLD  DARC e.V. Ortsverband Königs Wusterhausen (DOK Y07) DL0KWH
GMA Lighthouse Awards (Activators)
GMA Lighthouse Awards (Chaser)
Greek Lighthouses Award - GLHA  by the Northern Greece Contest Team
Istanbul Lighthouses on the Air (ILOTA) Award  by TCSWAT
Lighthouse of Taganrog Award - LHT  Taganrog DX Expedition Club - TDXEC
Lighthouse Port Award - LHP  Taganrog DX Expedition Club - TDXEC
Lithuanian Lighthouse Award   Also   Klaipeda region radioclub "Svyturys"
Marmara Lighthouses On the Air (MLOTA) Award  by TCSWAT
NZART Lighthouse Award
PFFA - Portuguese Lighthouse Beacons Plaque
PQLHA - Province of Quebec Lighthouse Award  VE2LHP
Russian Lighthouse Award - RLHA
Russian Lighthouse Award - Lighthouse List
Russian Lighthouse Award - References  Convert between RLHA, ARLHS and WLOTA references
Spanish Lighthouse Award - FEA
The Danish Lightship XXI Award
The World Lighthouse Diplom - TWLHD  The World Lighthouse Foundation
Venezuela Lighthouse Award - D.F.V.  Radio Club Venezolano
Western Blacksea Lighthouses on the Air (WEBLOTA) Award  by TCSWAT
WLOTA - World Lighthouses On The Air Award Program
WLOTA Award Rules
WLOTA Lighthouses List - Worldwide
Worked All Canadian Provinces Lighthouse Award - WACPLA  VE2LHP
Worked All Italian Lighthouses Award - WAIL  ARI Sezione di Genova

SSB: 3970, 7270, 14270 (main), 21370, and 28370 kHz
CW: 3530, 7030, 14030, 21030, and 28030 kHz


The TWLHF Award Management Committe (TWLHF - TWLHD) has appointed Dave Raycroft,
VA3RJ as its Canadian Checkpoint.  email (1K)

Africa - Jose, EA8CZT   ea8czt [at]
Europe outside Croatia - Emir, 9A6AA   emir-9a6aa [at]
Only Croatia - Franjo, 9A2MF   9a2mf [at]
North America - Dave, VA3RJ   dave.va3rj [at]
Oceania - M Fachmi, YB0MF   yb0mf_orari [at]
OK and OM Countries - Steve, OM3JW   om3jw [at]
Russia and Republics - Alex, RA1QY   ra1qy [at]
South America - Orlando, PT2OP   pt2op [at]

German Lighthouse Award - Deutsches Leuchtturmdiplom
Effective from March 2007 -
The new award manager for the German Lighthouse Award is OM Detlev Hoepner, DL1RTW


The award fee changes to 7 Euro or 8 US-Dollar. Details can be obtained from:  and . 73 de Ric, DL2VFR.