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Lighthouse Awards

150th Anniversary of Sile Light House Award  by TCSWAT
Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society - ARLHS
Baltic Lighthouses Award  Sponsored by SP5PB
Belgian Lighthouse Award - BLHA
Brazilian Lighthouse Award - DFB  Diploma Faróis Brasileiros - LABRE-SP
British Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society - BARLS
Checkpoint DL-OZ-OE for WLOTA  DL2VFR
Croatian Lighthouse Award - CLHA
Danish Lighthouse Award  Danish DX Group
Danish Lightship Fyrskib XXI Award
DFP - Diploma dos Faróis de Portugal   Portuguese Lighthouse Award
Diploma Faros Chilenas  Lighthouses of Chile
Dutch Lighthouse Award
Eastern Blacksea Lighthouses on the Air (EBLOTA) Award  by TCSWAT
English Lighthouse Awards (ELA)
European Lighthouse & Lightship Award Program - ELLA  Brave Radio Friends
French Onshore Lighthouses Award - DPLF
German Lighthouse Award - DLD  DARC e.V. Ortsverband Königs Wusterhausen (DOK Y07) DL0KWH
GMA Lighthouse Awards (Activators)
GMA Lighthouse Awards (Chaser)
Greek Lighthouses Award - GLHA  by the Northern Greece Contest Team
Istanbul Lighthouses on the Air (ILOTA) Award  by TCSWAT
Lighthouse of Taganrog Award - LHT  Taganrog DX Expedition Club - TDXEC
Lighthouse Port Award - LHP  Taganrog DX Expedition Club - TDXEC
Lithuanian Lighthouse Award   Also   Klaipeda region radioclub "Svyturys"
Marmara Lighthouses On the Air (MLOTA) Award  by TCSWAT
NZART Lighthouse Award
PFFA - Portuguese Lighthouse Beacons Plaque
PQLHA - Province of Quebec Lighthouse Award  VE2LHP
Russian Lighthouse Award - RLHA
Russian Lighthouse Award - Lighthouse List
Russian Lighthouse Award - References  Convert between RLHA, ARLHS and WLOTA references
Spanish Lighthouse Award - FEA
The Danish Lightship XXI Award
The World Lighthouse Diplom - TWLHD  The World Lighthouse Foundation
Venezuela Lighthouse Award - D.F.V.  Radio Club Venezolano
Western Blacksea Lighthouses on the Air (WEBLOTA) Award  by TCSWAT
WLOTA - World Lighthouses On The Air Award Program
WLOTA Award Rules
WLOTA Lighthouses List - Worldwide
Worked All Canadian Provinces Lighthouse Award - WACPLA  VE2LHP
Worked All Italian Lighthouses Award - WAIL  ARI Sezione di Genova

SSB: 3970, 7270, 14270 (main), 21370, and 28370 kHz
CW: 3530, 7030, 14030, 21030, and 28030 kHz


The TWLHF Award Management Committe (TWLHF - TWLHD) has appointed Dave Raycroft,
VA3RJ as its Canadian Checkpoint.  email (1K)

Africa - Jose, EA8CZT   ea8czt [at]
Europe outside Croatia - Emir, 9A6AA   emir-9a6aa [at]
Only Croatia - Franjo, 9A2MF   9a2mf [at]
North America - Dave, VA3RJ   dave.va3rj [at]
Oceania - M Fachmi, YB0MF   yb0mf_orari [at]
OK and OM Countries - Steve, OM3JW   om3jw [at]
Russia and Republics - Alex, RA1QY   ra1qy [at]
South America - Orlando, PT2OP   pt2op [at]

German Lighthouse Award - Deutsches Leuchtturmdiplom
Effective from March 2007 -
The new award manager for the German Lighthouse Award is OM Detlev Hoepner, DL1RTW


The award fee changes to 7 Euro or 8 US-Dollar. Details can be obtained from:  and . 73 de Ric, DL2VFR.