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Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals
Amateur Radio & Lighthouse Awards  by ON5KL
Association of Lighthouse Keepers
Belgian Maritime Amateur Radio Society
Canadian Coast Guard - NOTMAR - List of Lights, Buoys and Fog Signals  4 Volumes
Cape Blanco Lighthouse - Oregon
Cape Otway Lightstation
Commissioners of Irish Lights  Official web site of the Irish Lighthouse Service
Complete List Of Historic US Lighthouses and Light Stations  Listed By State
DA0LRS - Lighthouse Rotersand
Danish Amateur Lightship - OZ7DAL
Finnish Lighthouse Society
Great Lighthouses of Ireland
Internatiional Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA)
K3L - The AM Expedition to Thomas Point Lighthouse  Aug 2 - 5, 2001
K9WED Lighthouse Page
Lighthouse Directories and Lists  United States Lighthouse Society
Lighthouse Explorer Database  by Lighthouse Digest Magazine
Lighthouse QSL Card Collection  by Mat, ON5KL
Lighthouses - A Photographic Journey
Lighthouses of Argentina
Lighthouses of Australia
Lighthouses of Australia listed A to Z
Lighthouses of Australia listed by State
Lighthouses of California
Lighthouses of Croatia
Lighthouses of England
Lighthouses of Finland
Lighthouses of France
Lighthouses of Germany - Baltic Sea
Lighthouses of Germany - North Sea
Lighthouses of Greece
Lighthouses of Holland (The Netherlands)
Lighthouses of Iceland
Lighthouses of New Zealand
Lighthouses of Norway
Lighthouses of Portugal
Lighthouses of Scotland
Lighthouses of Sweden
Lighthouses Of The Great Lakes
Lighthouses Of The Isle of Man
Lighthouses of Wales
Lighthouses of Western Australia
Lightship Arumbank - Germany
Mark Twain Lighthouse - U.S.A.
N2OB - "Old Barney"  Barnegat Lighthouse, Long Beach Island, New Jersey
New Jersey Lighthouse Society
NGA List of Lights, Radio Aids and Fog Signals  Worldwide coverage
OZ7LH - Hanstholm Lighthouse V
PA6VEN - The "VEN" Lighthouse
Pacific Island Lighthouses
Pictures of Wisconsin Lighthouses
Rose Island Lighthouse  Narragansett Bay, Newport, RI
Swedish Lighthouse Society
The Lighthouse Directory  The ultimate lighthouse site
The Victory lighthouse of Trieste Web Site
The World Lighthouse Foundation (TWLHF)
Trinity House  U.K.
U.S. Lighthouse Society
U.S. Coast Guard - List of Lights, Buoys and Fog Signals  for each Coast Guard District (2021)
U.S. Coast Guard  Light Lists  7 Volumes for 2021
VK2GLH - Greencape Light House  Australia
VK7SA - Derwent Lighthouse History  (aka Iron Pot Lighthouse) - Tasmania
World Lighthouses On The Air (WLOTA)

SSB: 1.970, 3.970, 7.270, 14.270, 18.145, 21.370, 28.370 MHz
CW: 1.830, 3.530, 7.030, 14.030, 18.073, 21.030, 28.030 MHz
ARLHS Lighthouse Christmas Lights (LCL)  December 16, 2023 to January 1, 2024
ARLHS Spring Lights QSO Party  March 28 ~ April 4, 2024
English Lighthouse Awards - The Lighthouse Challenge  November 9-10, 2024
International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend (ILLW)  August 17-18, 2024
International Lighthouse/Lighship Weekend 2024 - Entrants List
International Lighthouse/Lighship Weekend 2023 - Entrants List
International Lighthouse/Lighship Weekend 2022 - Entrants List
Italian Lighthouse Weekend (Award)  May 18-19, 2024
Maryland Lighthouse Challenge  Postponed until 2025
New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge  October 21-22, 2023
South American Lighthouse Weekend  February 16-18, 2024  Entrants List
US National Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend (NLLW)  August 3-4, 2024
WLOTA Contest  July 2024 - TBA