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This award is open to all Amateurs and SWLs.

A station may be counted if it is located within visual sight of the lighthouse. It does NOT have to be physically located on the property of the lighthouse. To count as a Canadian lighthouse, stations may also be aboard vessels anchored in the vicinity of the lighthouse or lightship.

The award is issued for working and contacting lighthouse stations in all Canadian provinces that have lighthouses (8).
The basic award will be issued for five (5) provinces with an endorsement for working the 8 provinces.
All bands and modes are accepted.

See the list of Canadian lights and submit a copy of your log (QSL's not required). Log should indicate call and location (name) of lighthouse/lightship worked, along with date and time of QSO and the official ARLHS registration number, such as ARLHS CAN 234.

Please include 5,00$ if you wish the basic certificate and submit entry form (or log) .
The endorsement for the 8 provinces award is available for 2,00$.
These fees includes shipping and handling.
Send all applications and payments to :
VE2LHP, Pierre L'Homme, 254 rue Françoise Garnier apt # 8, Québec QC, CANADA G1E 0J1

73, Pierre VE2LHP
Award Manager


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