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Canadian Lighthouses & Links

British Columbia Lighthouses  Lighthouse friends
British Columbia Lighthouse Keeper Database  Updated June 25, 2014
Burlington Range Lighthouse  Burlington, Ontario  Built: 1832
Chantry Island Light Station
Cherry Islet Lighthouse  Indian Island, New Brunswick
Deer Island Point Lighthouse  Deer Island, New Brunswick
East Quoddy Lighthouse  Campobello Island, New Brunswick  Built: 1829
Green's Point Lighthouse  L'etete Passage, New Brunswick  Built: 1879
Heritage Lighthouses
Leonardville Lighthouse  Deer Island, New Brunswick
Lighthouse Directory Listings:
 - Atlantic Canada and St. Pierre
 - Interior and Western Canada
Lighthouse's of the Bruce Peninsula  Bruce County, Ontario
Manitoba Lighthouses  Lighthouse friends
Mulholland Point Lighthouse  Campobello Island, New Brunswick
New Brunswick Lighthouses  Lighthouse friends
Newfoundland Lighthouses  Lighthouse friends
Nova Scotia Lighthouses  Lighthouse friends
Nova Scotia Lighthouses  Photo gallery by Paul Illsley
Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society (NSLPS)  Complete list of lighthouses, and more
Ontario Lighthouses  Lighthouse friends
Oakville Lighthouse  Oakville, Ontario  Built: 1837
Photo Gallery of Lighthouses in Canada  Government of Canada
Port Dalhousie Range Lights  Port Dalhousie, Ontario  Built: 1898
Port Weller Lighthouse  St. Catharines, Ontario  Built: 1931
Prince Edward Island Lighthouses
Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society
Quebec Lighthouses  Lighthouse friends
Queen's Wharf Lighthouse  Toronto, Ontario  Built: 1861
The Life, Fate and Legacy of HMCS Bras d'Or   Lightvessel (Lightship No. 25)
Toronto Lighthouse History
Trial Island Lighthouse & Keeper VE7DQA