Green Bay Professional Packet Radio

Green Bay Professional Packet Radio is our attempt at an advanced wireless communication research team.  Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, we have banded together a small group of specialized residents who strive for the advancement of modern forms of electromagnetic wave communication.  We specialize in high-speed wireless data (packet), digital voice transmissions, ELINT/EW/ECM, radar, antenna design, bi-phase modulation and also the hardware/software side of all those types of communication.

We are die-hard radio homebrewers and experimenters.  While other people are drooling on nothing more than glorified ice cream truck 2-way radios, we are out using new and efficient modulation techniques and pioneering new developments in modern radio.  We've also homebrewed microwave radio bi-directional amplifiers for the local packet radio links, circular polarized repeater antennas, high quality audio hardware and all types of RF test equipment.

Modeled from the concepts originated by Clarence 'Kelly' Johnson (of Lockheed Martin Skunk Works fame), we attempt to push the boundaries of modern radio and antenna technology.  Using common off-the-shelf components, old VCRs, cellular phones, lots of trips to Radio Shack and, of course, well established theory.  We will always forge on.  Building and testing new designs while quietly ignoring anyone who tells us something is not possible.

"Man who say it cannot be done should not interrupt man doing it."

Amateur Radio Projects

  1. Low-Cost Wireless Network How-To
  2. Using Part 15 Wireless Ethernet Devices for Amateur Radio
  3. KB9MWR Projects Page
  4. Mirror of the Guerrilla.net Website
  5. Low-Cost POCSAG Paging Network How-To
  6. Low-Cost Laser Data Links
  7. Homebrew RF Design Test Equipment & Software
  8. Homebrew Bi-Directional 2.4 GHz Amplifier Designs
  9. Homebrew Bi-Directional 915 MHz Amplifier Designs
  10. Homebrew 1 Watt 2.4 GHz Power Amplifier
  11. Homebrew 144 MHz to 2.4 GHz Transverter
  12. GBPPR Frequency Transverters for 2.4 GHz Wireless LAN Devices
  13. Family Radio Service (FRS) to 900 MHz Transverter
  14. GBPPR AutoFox
  15. GBPPR 2.4 GHz / 10 Mbit Wireless Data Link
  16. GBPPR POWER 64 kbps Wireless Serial Data Modem
  17. GBPPR 900 MHz High-Speed Packet Radio
  18. Elecraft EC1 Design Contest Entry
  19. GBPPR 1 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer
  20. Constructing Scotty Sprowls' 1 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer
  21. Tracking Generator for a HP8569 Spectrum Analyzer
  22. Dataradio Gemini G3 UHF Radio Modem Experiments
  23. GBPPR 1 kHz to 16.384 MHz Synthesized Signal Generator
  24. GBPPR Divide-by-1000 3.5 GHz Prescaler
  25. GBPPR Packet Radio Weather Radio Alert
  26. GBPPR Portable Antenna Mast System
  27. GBPPR 900 MHz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Transverter
  28. GBPPR Portable 28 VDC Power Supply
  29. GBPPR 1.2 GHz (23 cm) Amateur Video Transmitter
  30. Converting Cellular Phones to 900 MHz
  31. Simple 2.4 GHz SWR Meter
  32. Linux FRS Radio Control
  33. Return Loss Bridge for the Radio Amateur
  34. Using the MC145158 PLL Frequency Synthesizer
  35. AeroComm CL4490 Experiments
  36. Metricom Ricochet Radio Experimentation
  37. 100 Watt RF Power Amplifier for 2 GHz
  38. Qualcomm OmniTRACS Experiments
  39. General Electric GEMLINK Information
  40. Motorola STF2520A 900 MHz Power Amplifier Modifications
  41. 73 Magazine Information
  42. Doodle Labs DL435-30 420-450 MHz OFDM Transceiver Experiments
  43. GBPPR VLF Converter
  44. HP4328A Milliohmmeter Overview & Probe Construction

Other Projects

  1. GBPPR Miscellaneous Projecmts      (Mirror)
  2. GBPPR Homebrew Military & Espionage Electronics      (Mirror)
  3. Brown County, Wisconsin Frequency Search
  4. Green Bay / Brown County, Wisconsin 800 MHz Trunked Radio System Information
  5. GBPPR Microwave Oven & EMP Experiments      (Mirror)
  6. GBPPR Homebrew Radar Experiments      (Mirror)
  7. Passive Resonant Cavity & "Spycatcher" Technical Surveillance Devices
  8. GBPPR 'Zine
  9. Low-Power FM Transmitter Circuits
  10. Test Equipment Manuals
  11. GBPPR Parts Service
  12. GBPPR Vision

Local Terrain & RF Plots

  1. Elevation Plot for Green Bay, Wisconsin and the Surrounding Area
  2. Zoomed Out Elevation Plot for Green Bay, Wisconsin and the Surrounding Area
  3. Elevation Plot for the Northeast Wisconsin Area
  4. Larger Elevation Plot for the Northeast Wisconsin Area

"Leave the beaten path and dive into the woods.  You are certain to find something interesting."

Interactive Wireless / RF Design Utilities

  1. Wireless Network Link Analysis
  2. Wireless Network Link Analysis - Super Edition    (Mirror)
  3. Microwave Radio Path Analysis    (Mirror)
  4. Line-of-Sight Path Analysis    (Mirror)
  5. Longley-Rice Path Loss Analysis    (Mirror)
  6. Fresnel Zone Calculator    (Mirror)
  7. United States Elevation Retriever    (Mirror)
  8. 3D Local Ground Elevation Map    (Mirror)
  9. Parabolic Reflector Gain and Focal Point Calculator
  10. Urban Area Path Loss
  11. Antenna Up/Down Tilt Calculator
  12. Distance & Bearing Calculator
  13. Omnidirectional Antenna Beamwidth Analysis
  14. Return Loss Calculator
  15. Knife Edge Diffraction Loss Calculator
  16. Decibel Conversion Calculator
  17. Scattering Parameters Are Fun!
  18. Lumped Component Wilkinson Splitter / Combiner Designer
  19. Pi & Tee Network Resistive Attenuation Calculator
  20. United States Frequency Allocations 30 - 3000 MHz
  21. Voltage To Power Conversion Calculator
  22. RF Safety Compliance Calculator
  23. Approximate Air Coil Inductance Calculator
  24. Microstripline Analysis & Design
  25. Calculating Phase Line Length
  26. 3-Pole Butterworth Characteristic Bandpass Filter Calculator
  27. RF Pi Network Designer
  28. PLL 3rd Order Passive Loop Filter Calculator
  29. Antenna Isolation Calculator
  30. Mixer IMD Calculator

GBPPR Microwave Radio Path Analysis Tools

A Perl CGI program to graphically show the radio path profile between two points.  It will plot the 0.6 Fresnel zone and the true radio path for a given value of K (the effective Earth radius factor).  This is all displayed in reference to the path's elevation data taken at intervals along the link path.  This will let you see if you have a clear radio line-of-sight path.  Currently, the elevation data is only available for most of North America.  It is also extremely CPU intensive, so please be patient for the output PDF file to complete, or try again at a different time.

All the plotting utilities are based around a slightly modified version of the SPLAT! program by KD2BD.

GBPPR Microwave Radio Path Analysis Tools  Source code for the above scripts.  (758k Gzipped TAR)

Advanced Wireless Communications Research Links

Fractal Antennas / Fractal Geometry

If you think stringing wire between two trees is an antenna, you can skip this section.

RF Design Notes & Links

GBPPR - Facts Not Drivel

FCC Compliance

Part 97.309 & 97.311 compliance specifiations and source codes to the programs used in our amateur radio networks.

Don't be stupid.

Passwords on all amateur radio nodes are either the user's callsign or disabled.

Toward New Link-Layer Protocols for Amateur Packet Radio

Spread Spectrum Rule Recommendations

Ideas for HF Modulation and Coding

Proposed Coded AO-40 Telemetry Format

Amateur Radio, Wireless Networks and the Information Age

Physical Layer Considerations in Building a High-Speed Amateur Radio Network

A Technological Rationale to Use Higher Wireless Frequencies

A Mathematical Theory of Communication

An Overview of the Application of CDMA to Digital Cellular Systems and Personal Cellular Networks

A Method of Reducing Disturbances in Radio Signaling by a System of Frequency Modulation

Shannon, Coding and the Radio Amateur

TAPR Packet Status Register Archives

The Shape of Bits to Come

Various TAPR Digital Communications Conference Speeches

Microwave Associates (M/A-Com) Gunnplexer Notes

10 GHz Path Loss Notes

  1. Free Space Attenuation
  2. Path Performance Calculations for 15 kHz IF Bandwidth
  3. Distance vs. Carrier-to-Noise Ratio
  4. Microwave Beams Behave Much Like Light Beams
  5. Fresnel Zone Radius
  6. K Factors
  7. Surface Ducting
  8. Elevated Duct

MMDS Downconverter Notes & Applications

Archived Down East Microwave Inc. Design & Library Notes

Amateur Radio Repeater Notes

Radar & Military Communications

Communication is the key to success.

Hardware & Parts Suppliers

GBPPR Contact Information

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"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

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