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HI-Mound HK-802
























I'm not a really SERIOUS collector...

  but I do have some nice keys...

starting with the STRAIGHT Keys below...






Several years ago, I was fortunate to find several of these fine keys for sale as NOS surplus. Still sealed in their MIL-wrapping, they were in perfect condition. I bought two, opened one, and left the other sealed. The Speedex is the only (relatively) inexpensive key I have ever used that could beat a J-38. Mine are identical to this Nye-Speedex, except mine have plated bases.


This English key is called a "Bathtub" key because of the resemblance when it it unfolded. An interesting and efficient design. As always, click on the photo for the larger version.



There are several other angles to be seen by clicking on the "English White Key" header above.



The Hi-Mound HK-802 is the best feeling straight key I have ever operated, period.




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