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The ARE-90/AEA SB-90 Dual Lever Paddle was one of the first attempts at Glasnost. AEA tried to import them around April of 1993. There were approximately 30-35 of these that actually made it to the USA. When production problems delayed them into cancellation, AEA distributed the sample run to employees. This unit was one of those. (Picture to be placed shortly.)

Manufactured by Electrophysics Corporation in the early 1960s, this paddle was ahead of its time. It took years to find the companion keyer, shown here with the paddle.



This paddle was made while the company was still a basement-style mom-and-pop operation. Ultimately, this paddle model became the BTL-A. Click on the photo for the full-sized version. The condition is 'very good' since it has a small patch on the right front corner.


A very nice paddle: the EL-KEY by Poucel Electronics of Babylon, NY. This one is in excellent to excellent (-) condition, and a great find.






I also have the corresponding black base model: & a third, chrome base version, as well.


This is the GHD GN405 single lever paddle (non-iambic.) It has regular mechanical contacts-as opposed to the optical interrupter contacts on other keys-and the 'feel' is excellent-the optical-sensored keys have just a bit better feel, and smoother output-but for some reason, I just-somehow-like this one (and the mechanical contact, single lever bug) better. Perhaps it's some kind of simplicity thing!!!?



The Hensley is THE finest paddle I own. It is the best looking, the best feeling, and the best keying, period. Only after acquiring my Hensley did I sell my Mercury. They are both terrific paddles, but the Hensley's bearings feel just a little bit better, and I like the looks a bit better. Both are unquestionably the finest paddles ever made. I was in on the project very early on, and am fortunate enough to own SN: 002.

 To see the rest of my Hensley 002 photos, click on HENSLEY.

This is the first paddle photo using my higher resolution AGFA 1680. Click on the photo for the high resolution version!


These are the Kent Paddles. You can buy them pre-built, or as a kit. I highly recommend them. Their feel is as good as paddles costing 2 and 3 times the price of the kit. This excellent photo is from Chuck Adams, K7QO.


The Mon-Key keyer was made by the Electric Eye Equip. Co. It came with the Original box/shipping carton! Made somewhere between 1947 to 1958, This was one of the first vacuum tube keyers made!

This is the Nye SSK Squeeze Keyer. A very interesting design, it was one of the first true iambic paddle-keyers. It has recently been brought back into production, with memories, at the behest of Marshall Emm and MorseXpress.



I own two Schurr paddles, the Profi, a full sized iambic baddle; and the "Portable Wabbler", a smaller version of the Profi I bought to use as a camping/backpacking paddle. Both are excellent paddles. Shown is the smaller Portable Wabbler. The Profi looks just like this, only larger, with a beveled edge below the paddles.



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