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HI-Mound HK-802





I'm not a really SERIOUS collector...

  but I do have some nice keys...





Please note there are several sections separate from these pictures, where there were multiple pictures "the English Key", or-as in the case of the Chinese keys-multiple models.

A.T.& T. No number

This is a key similar to the Speedex but marked: AT&T

Chinese Keys: See the Chinese keys page  
Hi-Mound: HK-802 The BEST straight key I have ever operated, period.
Kent: Whatever the straight key model is!!!  
McElroy: Teardrop Model # 300 Deluxe Chrome Stream Key
Military: J-37 J-37, with cord-holding-base
J-38 Purchased new, sealed (NOS) in the original MIL wrapping
J-47 Unusually marked key-the J-47 is actually molded into the base-most are painted
Navy Key  
Misc: English S-R Cotel Key I found this key on ebay, and really liked the way it looked. Click to see...
Nye/E.F.Johnson: Speedex I found these two keys still sealed (NOS) in their MIL wrapping-only opened one!
Model 330C Modern Chrome Key SN: 4
    I'm OBVIOUSLY still working on this!



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